Woman Finds Reptile Eggs in Her Bag, Internet Hails Her ‘Mother of Dragons’

A woman’s unusual find has taken the internet by storm after she shared the story of the discovery of lizard eggs in an old cosmetic bag.

Shared on Saturday by user u/nura_zakir on the popular Reddit forum r/WTF, the image now has over 31,000 upvotes and hundreds of comments.

In the post, the Redditor wrote, “Found these weird balls in my abandoned makeup bag. Turns out they’re lizard eggs,” alongside a picture of four eggs in a white bag. .

The photo of eggs found in the makeup bag, left, and a file photo of a woman opening a makeup bag, right. The internet was wowed after a woman shared her unusual lizard egg discovery online.
nura_zakir/Reddit & ZINKEVYCH/GETTY IMAGES

The Redditor shared that the old makeup bag was inside her almirah, a Hindi word meaning closet or freestanding cabinet. Living in Bangladesh, South Asia, the Redditor said, “It’s quite common to see lizards in our home. The lizards are completely harmless and they eat my enemy mosquitoes.”

Due to the diverse ecosystems of Bangladesh, it is home to a large number of different lizards including the Bengal monitor, yellow monitor and water monitor.

Far more likely to be the result of a common household lizard, the eggs found by the Redditor were laid in a classic reptile location. Lizards are known to lay their eggs in dark, damp places, often under woodpiles, sheds and patios. They are also often found under shrubs or in tall grass.

The exact number of lizard species is hotly debated. The San Diego Zoo reports over 4,675 different species, while other sources suggest there are over 6,000. With four legs, two legs, and some without legs at all, lizards are found all over the world on almost any type of terrain.

Cold-blooded animals, they rely on their surroundings for warmth, using the heat of the sun to raise their body temperature, becoming active with their warm bodies.

Stunned by the unusual find, Reddit users rushed to the comments to share their feelings about the lizard nest.

“I had to check with my wife – apparently lizard eggs aren’t part of a woman’s makeup bag?” one commenter joked.

Others compared the discovery to the plot of the hit HBO series. The iron Throne. One commenter wrote, “Oh wow! You may be the mother of dragons.”

U/nura_zakir said Newsweek: “My first reaction was WTF, I didn’t expect it to go viral either.”

“Yes! Free lizards,” said another Reddit user. While one commenter wrote: “Congratulations you are a lizard mommy now.”

One Reddit user said, “These beauty blender alternatives are spiraling out of control,” and another comment quipped, “You should watch it.

Native to Southeast Asia, parts of Australia, the United States, South and Central America, Africa and the Middle East, the common house gecko is often seen climbing on walls of homes and buildings, drawn to porch lights that help keep them warm. Completely harmless, they prefer urban settings and their carnivorous diet causes them to frequently eat cockroaches, termites, butterflies, moths, flies, spiders and beetles.

“Raise them like your own and build an army,” said one commentator, “No mosquito shall break your defenses.”

Last week, another woman gained viral attention online after adopting a feral pigeon at a party.

Update 5/10/22, 9:15 AM ET: This post has been updated with a new image and a comment from the Reddit user.

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