Winter The Dolphin, Manatees, Pythons: FL’s Top 2021 Animal News

FLORIDA – As the end of 2021 approaches, check out some of the best stories about our furry, feathered and scale friends in Florida.

Newly adopted dog lost near Everglades, found 9 days later

The puppy went missing on April 20 after a pickup truck taking him to his new foster family crashed into US 27 between Miami and Belle Glade.

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Drowning manatee rescued, red tide toxin may have caused disease

A drowning manatee was rescued from the Manatee River near the Business US 41 Bridge on Monday morning thanks to the efforts of two Freedom Boat Club workers.

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“Karmic Payback” for Retired Circus Elephants Who Love Life in Florida
Forced to entertain us in circuses, these sentient creatures discover in a vast Florida sanctuary what it’s like to be an elephant.

Three of the top 12 Asian elephants to retire from the former Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus indulge in what elephant specialists describe as a “group hug” after arriving at White Oak Conservation in Yulee, Florida. (Stéphanie Rutan / Conservation of white oak)

Richest dog in the world sells Madonna’s former mansion: report

This gorgeous Miami-area estate was previously owned by Madonna and has been listed by its current owner, a $ 500 million German Shepherd.

Dave Bautista adopts puppy found with chain embedded in neck

After arriving abused with a chain embedded in her neck, Penny the puppy left the Humane Society of Tampa Bay in actor Dave Bautista’s Rolls Royce in September.

Black Bear goes swimming in Naples pool after break-in

A Neapolitan owner had the surprise of a lifetime when she found an unwanted guest in her screened-in bedroom on Sunday: A large black bear broke in to bathe in her pool.

A Tale Of 2 Pigs: Plump Pigs Landing In Heaven

A video shows Archie the pot-bellied pig chasing his new canine brother while Turbo is in pig heaven with his piggy partner.

When Turbo was born, he was so small and fragile that veterinary technicians at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay feared the pot-bellied pig would not survive. (Tampa Bay Humanitarian Society)

Chicken Life: Clementine Rules The Burlington Roost

A St. Pete family made up for the lack of entertainment during the pandemic with three chickens performing with their personalities.

Cat falling caught in American flag during MU football game: watch

During the University of Miami’s 2021 football season home opener at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens on Saturday, the university’s facilities manager saved the day when a stray cat fell from the top deck .

Green iguanas are now illegal in Florida; What pet owners need to know

A new statewide law prohibits the sale and purchase of 16 non-native Florida reptiles, including green iguanas and tegus, a type of Central and South American lizard that can grow to the size of a dog.

Four baby lemurs were born at the Lemur Conservation Foundation in Myakka

Four newborn lemurs, including a set of triplets, were born to two mothers in the Lemur Conservation Foundation’s Myakka City Preserve.

Four baby lemurs, including a set of triplets, were born to two mothers in the Lemur Conservation Foundation’s Myakka City Preserve. (Caitlin Kenney / Lemur Conservation Foundation)

An otter saved from boulevard Gandy by the FHP and the Good Samaritan

An otter was safely moved to a pond in St. Petersburg after getting too close to heavy traffic.

Manatees die in record numbers, but help may be on the way

An unprecedented 1,038 manatee deaths were recorded in Florida in 2021, up from 637 in 2020. Mammals are starving and help is needed.

7ft python climbs on sailboat and crosses South Florida

A couple visiting FL from Chicago came face to face with “an unwanted stowaway” – a Burmese python – in the shower of their sailboat.

Winter Dolphin’s death mourned by fans, aquarium staff

Winter, the famous dolphin whose fight to survive after losing his tail in a fishing line was recounted in the movie “Dolphin Tale”, has passed away.

A movie was made about Winter after she became the first dolphin to receive a prosthetic tail. (Clearwater Marine Aquarium)

Did you think turtles couldn’t fly? Florida woman begs to delay

Forget about iguana falls. A Florida woman was injured near Daytona Beach when a flying turtle crashed into her windshield on Interstate 95.

Sheriff’s Facebook fans speculate about Pup’s involvement in car theft

Bandit was returned unharmed to his owner, but the sheriff’s office honored the brave little dog with the honorary K-9 title for the day.

Watch: Police Dive Team Encounter Sharks ‘Feeding Frenzy’

The Sarasota Police Department’s dive team had a close encounter with a school of sharks while training at sea in the Gulf of Mexico.

Python Huntress and fashion brand forge unlikely partnership

Amy Siewe, who hunts pythons in the Florida Everglades, supplies the snakeskin for the BSWANKY branded python handbag collection from Sarasota.

South Florida python hunter Amy Siewe supplies snakeskin to BSWANKY in Sarasota. (Courtesy of Amy Siewe)

Rescuers reunite 5 ducklings stuck in a storm sewer with their mother

While the pissed off mother duck watched, rescuers removed the storm drain grid and gently scooped the ducklings into a bucket.

‘Trump’ engraved on the back of a Florida manatee in Citrus County

Federal authorities are looking for the person who carved the word “Trump” on the back of a Florida manatee in January. Manatees are an “endangered” species protected by federal and state laws.

Watch: Large alligators ‘wrestle’ in the backyard of the Lakewood Ranch

When Gordon Silver found two alligators fighting in his Lakewood Ranch backyard, he grabbed his phone and started recording.

Healing River Beekeepers save swarms and share bee knowledge

Bradenton-based Healing River Beekeepers have rescued and relocated over 200 bee colonies from private and public property.

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