Wildlife SOS performs double reptile rescue in Agra-Mathura

Agra March 22 (IANS): In two successful rescue operations, Wildlife SOS experts rescued a monitor lizard whose head was stuck in a tin can in Agra, in addition to rescuing a cobra in Mathura on Holi Day.

The monitor lizard was found in a precarious situation in the Chandra Nagar region of Agra. Upon spotting the reptile’s head stuck in a rusty tin can, residents immediately contacted SOS Faune.

The Wildlife SOS team arrived on the scene and rescued the animal to safety. The monitor lizard has not suffered any injuries but is currently being kept under observation and will soon be released once declared fit by the NGO’s veterinarians.

In another incident, an Indian cobra almost six feet long was spotted near police lines in Mathura on Holi day. In order to avoid any incident, the locals immediately contacted the NGO’s emergency helpline number and the team went to the scene to extract the snake safely.

After being kept under observation, the cobra was safely released into its natural habitat.

Kartick Satyanarayan, co-founder and CEO of Wildlife SOS, said, “This is not the first time we have had to carry out multiple rescues in a single week. In fact, we have rescued monitor lizards from situations where they have been found. stuck inside the jars. This usually happens when they try to forage for food in these containers and it can become very distressing for the lizards. Our team is well equipped and trained to handle such rescue operations.

Baiju Raj MV, Director of Conservation Projects, Wildlife SOS, said: “We frequently carry out snake rescues in Agra and Mathura with the main reasons being rapid urbanisation, increased construction works, shrinking habitats and loss of the natural prey base. These factors force snakes to explore human-dominated landscapes in search of prey.”

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