What Reptile From Mortal Kombat Should Really Look Like

“Mortal Kombat” has featured dozens of colorful characters over the years, and their aesthetics change from incarnation to incarnation. Reptile? It is probably the most dramatic example of this phenomenon, beginning in the first Game “Mortal Kombat” as a secret boss that strangely resembles a color swapped Scorpion / Sub-Zero imitation and benefits from the special moves characteristic of both.

In “Mortal Kombat 2,” players could get a glimpse of what appeared to be Reptile’s true form when he performed a fatality, removing his human mask and revealing a scaly green face below. “Mortal Kombat 4” saw him rock a full-time emerald face, and by 2002 “Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance,” he had become 100% Curt Connors, complete with a tail, thorns, and an elongated dinosaur face. Then there was the movie “Mortal Kombat” directed by Paul WS Anderson in 1995, where Reptile looked like Geico Gecko’s cousin who continues to steal copper wire from housing estates. In short, it is a creature of many forms.

Still, if you are looking for a definitive answer to the question “what should Reptile look like”, you might consider that its only real constant is its ability to become invisible, so the most accurate portrayal of the character might be the one standing. next to you, looking at you, just this minute.

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