What an Olympics would look like in the animal kingdom

Latest Sightings of Kruger National Park in South Africa produces amazing wildlife videos throughout the year, but this week it might have outdone itself with a compilation of various ‘sports’ played by wildlife in what he called the Animal Olympics.

Inspired by the Tokyo Olympics, Last Sightings gives us a look at how the Olympics would seek out wild animals, from rock monitor wrestling and elephant soccer, to gray heron surfing, the marathon of Matabele ants, wildlife fencing, leopard on high bars, lion on beam, javelin throw, impala swim, leopard dive, cheetah-antelope sprint, giraffe karate, and finally, our favourite, the Elephant Hurdle Relay.

Latest Sightings gives its own game of the video with more details:

First up was the rock monitor wrestling competition finale where these two guys who will grow to 5 feet in length showed off their scaly grappling skills.

After the awards ceremony, it’s off to elephant football where this mini jumbo showed he’s no fool by skillfully dribbling a ball from one of his herds of dried poop!

After a test in the ring and a test on the ground, it was time to take to the water where a gray heron took gold for an excellent display of hippo surfing never looking to lose its grip.

The Animal Olympics then focused on the Matabele Ant Marathon as 400 runners who normally set off in column to attack termite mounds took the day off for the big race.

All eyes were then back on the wildlife fencing semi-finals when these two elephants crossed tusks, but after a few spirited parries the match was over very quickly. Until the final when a buffalo put its horns against the tusks in an attempt to win fencing gold, but it didn’t end well when the elephant went straight to the point and knocked it down.

Then the most agile of the predators, the leopard, took to the high bars to show off his prowess with a remarkable display using an impala he had killed earlier as gym equipment.

Then the sport took a brief break and, with social distancing being so important, the winning leopard returned alone to the Olympic Village to fetch some much-needed water.

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All eyes then turned to gymnastics where the favourite, a young lion, thought he would win the first medal on the balance beam and looked like he would crack it but then fell.

After the impressive close display, it was time for the javelin final between an elephant and a rhinoceros, but since the elephant was the only competitor with something to throw, he won!

Then it was back to the swim where an impala was clearly ahead of the other competitors, but attention from some wild dogs saw it tread water and lose first.

The sport has moved on to high diving and in this incredible sequence we see a perfect exit from the board and a 30ft headfirst drop with a perfect landing and another gold medal.

As always, the high profile event was the sprint final with firm favorite the 60mph Cheetah over the 55mph Impala, but the Antelopes got off to a dream start and took the honours.

The next event was Giraffe Karate with the two biggest bush beasts knocking him down, but after a stunning fight he even ended the honors with the judges judging him neck and neck.

And then the grand finale with the elephant obstacle relay and this big guy is way ahead, but despite the tangle it shows why he’s perfect for stage four.

Commenters on the Latest Sightings YouTube channel overwhelmingly adored it, saying “beautiful video” and “it’s awesome” and “great thing” and “excellent” and “Olympic spirit!”

Another offered this gem: “Give a medal to this guy, the one who had the idea to compile all this.”

Good idea.

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