West Midland Safari Park completes annual animal inventory

West Midland Safari Park ANIMAL keepers have had a busy start to the year completing the annual animal inventory.

Every year, every animal, big and small, is counted, from African elephants to the critically endangered golden mantella frogs.

The total number of animals changes every year and in 2021 the park welcomed a few new animals, including the birth of two white rhino calves and 26 rainbow lorikeet chicks, as well as the arrival of a Red panda.

Wildlife manager Angela Potter said: ‘We have 121 species with over 1,000 individuals so it’s a real team effort to make sure every animal is included. Most are counted as individuals like our herd of white rhinos, plus two adorable boys, Jambo and Jumani, born in 2021, but some are counted in colonies like our tiny leafcutter ants.

“Of course, our keepers count our animals daily and examine them carefully to ensure they are all in good health, but this annual audit which takes place in January is something that every wildlife attraction must undertake as part of our zoo permit requirements.

“In 2021, we welcomed new species to our collection, including Mei Lin, our beautiful red panda, who joined us in August, and three smaller species: white-bellied frogs, crocodile lizards and banded iguanas. of Lau.”

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