WeCrashed, Anatomy of a Scandal and more to watch this weekend

We Crashed (Apple TV+)

We crashed is another in a series of recent shows centered on hubris CEOs. We wrote in our review, “Has Oscar-winning actor Jared Leto ever been a better character fit than Adam Neumann, delusional founder of coworking company WeWork?” In the Apple TV+ series We crashed, Leto plays Neumann as a messiah who has only just learned the word messiah. Long-haired and lanky, Leto looks like a composite assembled from the faces of attractive men – Tom Hiddleston, a young Jim Carrey – without ever being attractive himself. His Neumann looks like a waxwork from head slitherer Jim Morrison. All lizard, not quite king.

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Anatomy of a Scandal (Netflix)

—Nipa Charagi

Jersey (in theaters)

This remake of a 2019 Telugu hit stars Shahid Kapoor as an aging cricketer desperately trying to break into the national team. Gowtam Tinnanuri’s film has been much delayed, and the directors are hoping to eat into KGF 2‘s still strong earnings.

Lunana: A Yak in the Classroom (Amazon Prime Video)

Lunana is so remote that it is a five to six day trek from the nearest town of Gasa. At more than 4,000 m altitude, it is cut off in winter; has no phone or internet; and uneven solar power. The landscape is pristine and grandiose. A reluctant Ugyen Dorji, a public school teacher, is assigned here – he wants to be a singer and move to Australia. The one-room school does not have a blackboard, the children have never seen one, nor do they know what “C for car” stands for. Norbu the yak is a gift from a villager, Saldon, so he has enough yak dung for fuel. The yak is tied up in the classroom because it is too cold outside. It’s a life-changing experience for Ugyen and also a nod to the country’s philosophy of Gross National Happiness. —CN

Songs for Drella (MUBI)

A superb tribute to artist and empresario Andy Warhol by two former members of the Velvet Underground, a band he helped get off the ground. Lou Reed and John Cale play a series of brilliant, combative and affectionate numbers dedicated to their mentor. Beautifully filmed by Ed Lachmann.

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