Watch a 3ft lizard lead a reptile catcher in a frantic chase through an Australian cafe

The same Australian reptile catcher that gained notoriety this year for pull a snake out of the toilet gets laughs again – this time after sharing a video of him chasing a lizard in a cafe.

Footage shows Drew Godfrey sliding headfirst under the counter as screaming cafe staff run.

Godfrey, owner of Hervey Bay Snake Catchers, identified the 3ft reptile as a yellow spotted monitor lizard, a species known to give “a painful bite and extensive scratches” when he is annoyed.

It’s damn hilarious. I think I have physically completed more athletic events than an Olympian to get it,” he wrote on Facebook. “There was running, diving and of course wrestling!”

Hervey Bay Snake Catchers were summoned by someone who reported the lizard”was causing havoc at Urraween Medical Complex, a suburb of Hervey Bay in Queensland.

In the video, Godfrey is first shown trying to catch the lizard in a flowerbed, but it immediately rushes into a beer garden and hides under a table.

The wrestling match took place after the speedy lizard darted between tables and ran under the cafe counter. A staff member is seen stacking boxes like a wall to keep the lizard away.

Godfrey eventually grabs him by the tail in the kitchen and takes the squirming lizard on a walk of shame out the front door.

The video has been viewed 10,000 times as of October 25, with many commenters praising Godfrey’s skills. Others have admitted that large lizards are the last thing they want to see under a coffee table.

“I would have been on this table” Alyce Martin wrote.

An Australian reptile catcher who gained notoriety earlier in the year for pulling a stubborn snake out of a toilet is being mocked yet again, after video showed him chaotically chasing a monitor lizard in a cafe .

The lizard was caught to a more suitable habitat and released.

It is suspected that the lizard was “moved by development across the road” from the cafe, Godfrey said.

He calls the monitor lizards “the most dangerous animal I have to catch”, due to their “huge tail-like whip (and) 20 razor-sharp claws”.

“This species is also listed as vulnerable and in need of protection,” he says. “People need to stop tearing down his house.”

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