Walk on the wild side with over 750 species at the San Antonio Zoo

Get in touch with your wildest side on San Antonio Zoohome to over 750 species, some of which are endangered or extinct in the wild.

When you visit, don’t miss these 10 things to do.

1. Take the zoo train
The zoo’s three-mile trail passes through Brackenridge Park, where you can also hop on and off near the Japanese Tea Garden, Sunken Gardens, and the Witte Museum, which explores South Texas history, culture, and natural science.

In 2021, the zoo unveiled a new rail experience called CWT Express, which reintroduces a historic diesel-style engine to the fleet.

2. Visit the Reptile House
Even if snakes aren’t your thing, the Reptile House is always a fascinating stopover thanks to its wide array of species from around the world, including turtles and lizards.

3. Watch jaguars walk overhead
The Pantera Walk presented by Texas A&M San Antonio is a literal gateway into the sky for jaguars. Look up and watch giant cats roam between habitats during this special feature.

4. Visit Timothy the hippo in Africa Live!
You can get up close to one of nature’s largest mammals – and even feed the famous Timothy – during the zoo’s unique behind-the-scenes interaction.

5. See the trio of rhinos in the savannah
Another of nature’s largest mammals is the rhinoceros, and there are three of them in the Savanna region. You can also sign up for a behind-the-scenes look here.

6. Feed the flamingos at Flamingo Mingle
Meet and greet a flock of Caribbean flamingos during this immersive experience, where you’ll learn that they are filter feeders, which are more like whales and oysters than most birds!

7. Take a ride on the carousel
With 60 stunning hand-painted animals, the custom-designed carousel is fun – and a work of art. Texas favorites like the endangered whooping crane, white-tailed deer, Texas horned lizard and jackalope are joined by a menagerie of real and imagined animals, including the white ostrich, a sea dragon , the hummingbird, a tiger shark and a polar bear.

8. Feed the biggest animal in the world
One of the most popular zoo experiences is the Giraffe Feeding, where you can stare eye-to-eye with the world’s largest land mammal. Grab some lettuce and prepare to be wowed by these majestic creatures.

9. Spend time with baby kangaroos
Cue all the “awwwws.” At Kangaroo Krossing, you’ll see red roos of all ages in this expansion to the zoo’s Wild Australia kingdom. There’s more to love about the Snack-A-Roos snack stand and upgraded experiences, where you can get up close with the cute critters.

10. Stop at the oldest children’s amusement park in the country
Created in 1925 and renovated in 2009, Kiddie Park is the oldest amusement park for children in the country. And while modern updates have been made, the nostalgic style has been preserved with the park’s old-fashioned Ferris wheel, the famous hand-carved Herschell Spillman carousel, flying saucers, and more.

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