Two animal traffickers arrested with 279 African tortoises, 1,207 iguana lizards and 230 Betta fish

Mubarak Ansari

Pune, 26th May 2021: Government Railway Police (GRP) detectives have arrested two men for smuggling 279 African Spurred Tortoises and Sulcata Tortoises, 1,207 Iguana Lizards and 230 Betta Fish through Chennai Express.

Following a tip that unlicensed goods, animals and other species were being smuggled from trains on various routes, Superintendent of Police (GRP Pune) Sadanand Waise Patil ordered Inspector Maula Syed to the Local Crime Branch (LCB) to investigate the case. As a result, Inspector Syed has formed four different teams and patrols have been stepped up on trains passing through Pune over the past 10 days.

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On May 25, a team found Tarun Kumar Mohan (26) and Srinivasan Kamal (20), both residents of Tamil Nadu, traveling on the A-1 coach of the Chennai-LTT Express between Pune and Lonavala. They had four travel bags and two bags. They worked as fish carriers.

“Our team became suspicious and checked the bags and discovered turtles, lizards and fish. When questioned, the pair did not show transport permits or documents. They were taken into custody. “Assisted by forestry officials, the 279 turtles, 1,207 lizards and 230 fish were taken to the Rescue Charitable Trust in Chandni Chowk for identification and counting. Both individuals were handed over to the Customs Department for further action,” the official said. Inspector Syed.

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The action was taken under the guidance of SP Sadanand Waise Patil, Additional SP Kavita Nerkar and LCB Police Inspector Maula Syed. The team included Deputy Inspector Antarkar, ASI Sunil Bhokare and Jagdesh Sawant, and Police Staff Sunil Kadam, Suhas Malwadkar, Dinesh Bornare, Firoz Shaikh, Amardeep Salunke, Imtiyaz Awti, Nilesh Bidkar, Sandip Pawar, Vikram Madhe, Madhav Kendre and Baby Thorat.

पुणपुण: चचन्पप्रेमधूमधू ववददशी 27 9 काववव, 1 हजहजर 207 इग्ववना सडडड, 230 बबशट फफशशगजपजपजपजपजपजपजपजपजपजप

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