Throwback to Wild Animal Wednesday a Ride on the Wild Side!

PINE MOUNTAIN, Ga. (WRBL) – Come take a walk on the wild side! Every Wednesday on News 3 This Morning, News 3’s Blake Eason takes you on a ride through Wild Animal Safari – a Pine Mountain theme park.

Before we say goodbye to Wild Animal Wednesday this season, we wanted to look back at some of our favorite memories and fun moments along the way.

At our very first stop on the safari, we were introduced to the Coatimundis, who come from Central and South America. Coatimundis can be found in the Wild Animal Safari’s Walk About Adventure Zoo.

We then ventured into the safari to meet the park’s giraffes, named Rosie and Too Tall, both of whom are fan favorites as they traverse Wild Animal Safari.

Just around the corner from the giraffes we found the zebras who were just as excited to see us as we were to see them.

General manager Katie Harrison says it’s completely normal as zebras are the furthest from shyness.

Nearby we found the ostrich and unlike zebras these animals are much more aloof.

Immediately upon our arrival, Harrison warned us to keep our distance as they are not the friendliest animals in the park, although they are certainly fascinating to watch from afar.

Back inside the Walk About Adventure zoo, we discovered Kenya, the bongo antelope that came from Africa. Specifically, Kenya is a forest antelope and Harrison says that’s what makes it so unique.

A distant friend and close neighbor of Kenya are the ring-tailed lemurs, named Delilah and Igor. They come from Madagascar, just off the coast of Africa.

The Walk About Adventure Zoo is also home to the tigers, goats, Shelby the African Spurred Tortoise and many other furry friends.

Inside the Walk About Adventure Zoo is the Reptile House and this is where we met Smeagol the Uromastyx lizard.

Just around the corner from the Walk About Adventure zoo, some park visitors can hear them in the distance, the dogs chirping.

Before leaving Wild Animal Safari, be sure to drop by the Visitor Center to meet Ali the Hedgehog. Ali is an albino African pygmy hedgehog.

Guided tours are available for park visitors who want to learn about all the animals along the safari and in the Zoo Walkabout Adventure.

All episodes of Wild Animal Wednesday can be found here.

Wild Animal Wednesday returns to News 3 This Morning in the summer of 2022.

Wild Animal Safari celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2021 and as part of that celebration, the park is teaming up with News 3 for “Wild Animal Wednesdays – A Ride on the Wild Side”. The park is located at 1300 Oak Grove Road in Pine Mountain, Georgia, and the 300-acre park is home to 75 animal species. For more information on Wild Animal Safari, including how to plan your visit and buy tickets, click here.

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