This animal swallowed the monkey alive in 50 seconds This animal swallowed the monkey alive in 50 seconds Shouldn’t watch this video at all

New Delhi. On social media, we see many videos going viral every day. Sometimes from a Bollywood celebrity, sometimes from a TV actor and actress… Often people commit such strange acts, due to which their video also starts going viral on social networks. The viral video we brought to you today is pretty scary. We say scary because in this video, a wild lizard is seen emerging from a living monkey.

The animal swallowed the monkey alive in 50 seconds

In the video which is going viral on social media, we can see at the beginning that a large animal the size of a lizard is holding a monkey in its mouth. As the video progresses, the monkey is slowly absorbed by the stomach of the wild lizard which is quite large. The video is scary to watch. We can see in the video that in 50 seconds this animal completely leaves the monkey. This video is a bit disturbing.

very scary video

The video was shared on the social media platform Twitter. It was posted on a page called “TheDarkNatur3”. The video was uploaded on August 27, since then it has been viewed by 32,700 people. The number of people watching the video is continuously increasing and people are also commenting a lot after watching it. Many people call the video quite scary and terrifying. So many people say it is the law of nature that one animal satisfies its hunger by eating another.

Watch the viral video here

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