The video game and 9 other shows you didn’t know were playable

Movies and TV series have more than often served as inspiration for video games, often as promotional products. While a game based on franchises like Game of Thrones, The Simpsons, and Star trek wouldn’t be a surprise, it’s funny to note that even sitcoms, reality shows, and drama series have inspired many video games over the years. These lesser-known examples include Law and Order, Grey’s Anatomy, and even Hell’s Kitchen!

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Most of these video game adaptations may not have done well with critics and audiences alike, but they’re still essential collectibles for TV aficionados.

ten Grey’s Anatomy: The Video Game (2009)

A photo of Grey's Anatomy The Video Game

Published by Ubisoft for Wii, PC and Nintendo DS, Grey’s Anatomy: the video game was an action-based single player game. Players can choose between a Challenge mode and a Surgery mode, with events mostly taking place in the sequel to Season 4.

A diphtheria outbreak in the hospital is the central storyline, along with subplots such as Cristina’s desires to seek a scholarship and Meredith and Derek’s relationship. The plot-driven gameplay was noted for incorporating dramatic and romantic elements, as was its source material.

9 Desperate Housewives: The Game (2006)

An image from Desperate Housewives The Game

Desperate housewives is the perfect choice for fans of the series, as well as life simulation games like The sims. Divided into 12 tasks, the central character is an amnesiac who moves to a house on Wisteria Lane and learns to cope with other wives, while also going through the ups and downs of her own life.

Despite mixed reviews, Desperate Housewives: The Game achieved impressive sales and the show’s continued popularity ultimately led to a free-to-play game for everyone in 2017 on iOS.


8 The Sopranos: The Road of Respect (2006)

The main cast of the Sopranos in The Sopranis Road To Respect

The Sopranos has had a cult following, and given that it pretty much belongs to the gangster genre, a connection to a video game might not come as a surprise.

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The plot largely takes place in the middle of the fifth and sixth seasons, with players taking control of a new protagonist, Joey LaRocca (an illegitimate son of Salvatore Bonpensiero) as he takes control of the family business Sopranos. . Although the game is an interesting mafia-based adventure, it does not focus on other dramatic aspects of the series relating to internal politics and family relations.

seven Bill Nye: The Science Guy – Stop the Rock! (1996)

A CD for Bill Nye The Science Guy Stop The Rock

Bill Nye is best known for his appearance in the Educational Sciences program Bill Nye: the scientist, a big hit in the 1990s. As you would expect from a Bill Nye video game, this one was educational in nature as well.

Stop the rock begins with a meteoroid threat that can be countered by a laser computer system linked to a satellite. However, when the system gains a personality of its own and begins to ask seven science puzzles, the player must first answer these science questions before the meteor hits Earth.

6 Jackass: The Game (2007)

photos of Jackass The Game with his PS2 cover

The spectacle of extreme sports and farce Donkey received video game treatment for the PlayStation2, Nintendo DS, and PlayStation Portable. However, instead of performing one of the over-the-top stunts, the player serves as the acting director of the series who is responsible for sorting out and editing some of the best cutscenes in the stunt sequences.

Once the scenes are laid out in the desired order with the right amount of thrill, the player can achieve the goal of creating a whole new season of Donkey. With actors like Johnn Knoxville and Ryan Dunn reprising their roles, the game features entertaining cutscenes as well.

5 The Shield (2007)

Vic Mackey crouching near roadblocks in The Shield The Game

The detective drama series The shield inspired a critical version for the PlayStation 2 that can still be enjoyed as guilty pleasure by some. In its essence, The shield is a third person shooter game with players controlling fan favorite protagonist Vic Mackey (Michael Chiklis).

Mackey is primarily charged with investigating crime on the streets of Los Angeles as he controls gang violence, finds guns, and apprehends troublemakers. Considering the nature of missions, stealth is considered to be as important a skill as combat.

4 James Cameron’s The Dark Angel (2002)

The main cast of Dark Angel The Game

Created by James Cameron, Black Angel may be a largely forgotten sci-fi drama, but it’s notable for giving Jessica Alba her first major role. The series was set in post-apocalyptic Seattle, with Alba playing the role of a genetically enhanced super-soldier on the run.

The accompanying beat ’em up video game received unfavorable reviews for its flawed stealth mode and bizarre camera angles, but Jessica Alba’s voice as Max Guevara was still praised. The story of the game is also compelling, given that it faithfully recreates the show it is based on.

3 Prison Break: The Conspiracy (2010)

Prisoners walking in two lines in a still image from Prison Break The Conspiracy

Prison BreakThe premise of is obvious from its title. But with the video game adaptation of the show’s first season, a new “conspiracy” has been introduced. Instead of joining the good fight as protagonist Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller), the player takes on the role of an undercover prison agent who must ensure that a falsely incarcerated inmate is executed.

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Adding this original character seems a tad absurd, while the gameplay didn’t have much to offer to critics who gave it an overwhelmingly negative response.

2 Fonz (1976)

Fonz Arcade Game Machine

One of the main reasons for the success of Happy Days was the character of The Fonz, played by Henry Winkler. The oiler wearing a leather jacket was mostly seen on a motorcycle, prompting Sega to release an arcade racing game in his honor. The branding was quite appropriate, as the game’s flyers carried the slogan “The Hottest Name in TV, Your Hottest Game”.

Originally, the game was released in Japan under the name Road race, with the player’s objective to steer a motorbike and avoid collision with other vehicles. Fonz was a rebranding of the same game, released as a tie-in to the aforementioned sitcom, as Winkler’s supporting character’s popularity eclipsed that of the show’s main stars.

1 Hell’s Kitchen: The Game (2008)

Hell's Kitchen gameplay on Nintendo DS

The tension and intensity of Gordon Ramsay’s show Hell’s Kitchen is replicated in the game of the same name. It is played like a time management cooking game while preparing dishes and running a kitchen under the supervision of the rude and brash chef.

The Ubisoft version might not be a gaming masterpiece, but its concept is enough to provide entertainment. Canada-based Ludia developed the title, continuing their legacy of reality TV-inspired games, as they were also involved in the adaptation of The price is right, a few months later.

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