The new species of gecko is so agile it’s named after Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan’s fight scenes require such dexterity from the actor that he appears to be able to play as various agile animals. So much so that a team of scientists named an incredibly fast gecko after the movie star. And, frankly, the lizard named after Jackie Chan already looks like it’s enjoying the limelight.

Saunak Pal / Zoological research

Scientific news reported on the new species of gecko, which its discoverers dubbed Cnemaspis jackieii. As the scientific journal reports, the team of herpetologists, that is, zoologists who focus on amphibians and turtles, found the gecko in the Western Ghats of India. The Western Ghats is a mountain range that covers approximately 62,000 square miles and unfortunately faces threats from several sources. These threats include everything from deforestation to poaching.

As herpetologists point out in a study published in Zoological research, they discovered 12 new species of gecko in total. They note that their 12 new species come from “extensive sampling” across the mountain range as well as re-examination of museum specimens.

Images of 12 different species of geckos, including Cnemaspis jackieii, which is named after Jackie Chan.

Saunak Pal / Zoological research

“Every time we tried to catch [C. jackieii], it would spring from rock to rock and crawl into the smallest of crevices to escape us, ”said Saunak Pal of the Bombay Natural History Society in Mumbai and lead author of the study. Scientific news. “Naming a species this way helps people connect with it, especially when it comes to a less popular class of animals like reptiles,” added co-author Zeeshan Mirza of the National Science Center. biologicals from Bangalore.

Speaking of which, herpetologists have also given fanciful names to many other new species of geckos. There is the “golden-crowned” day gecko (or C. regalis) and the “galaxy” day gecko (C. galaxy), for example. Although if scientists wanted really catchy names, they might turn to Star wars. We know about 11 memorable names from the franchise that would make people laugh as well.

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