The giraffe gets suspenders; Coyote Goes Through the Dog’s Door: CA Animal Stories

CALIFORNIA – Creatures, big and small, in California, we love them all. Animals across the Golden State have been making headlines lately, and Patch has curated some of the cutest and most interesting stories.

A giraffe born with a disorder thrives after being treated with leg braces at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. In other Safari Park news, a dog has been rescued from the gorilla enclosure.

An orphan mountain lion cub is cared for at the Oakland Zoo. Three smuggled parrot chicks have a new home at the San Francisco Zoo and Gardens. Safari West has welcomed four baby warthog piglets. The Los Angeles Wildlife Center is treating more than 200 sick California brown pelicans.

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A coyote walked through a dog door. A kitten was rescued from a highway. Seven ducklings were rescued from a sewer.

Some of the stories below will make you laugh, while others may make you cry. More will lift your spirits.

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Dog rescued from gorilla enclosure at San Diego Zoo safari park

“Mighty Joe Young” has been put on hold at the Escondido campus of the San Diego Humane Society.

Giraffe born with disorder treated with leg braces at Safari Park

Msituni was born with a disorder that caused her front legs to not bend properly and made it difficult for her to stand and walk.

15 rescued wild animals released in San Diego County

Possums, raccoons, squirrels and a skunk received care at the San Diego Humane Society’s Ramona Wildlife Center.

43 horned lizards and 9 snakes hidden in men’s clothes on the California border

Officers found 52 live reptiles tied up in small bags and hidden in the man’s jacket, trouser pockets and groin, authorities said.

55 animals rescued from ‘deplorable conditions’ in San Diego

An adult cat, eight kittens, 16 quails and 30 quail chicks were living in “deplorable conditions” and had been left without food or water.

Rescued pilot whale dies at SeaWorld San Diego

The short-finned pilot whale named Ace was rescued in 2012.

SeaWorld San Diego reopens improved sea turtle habitat

Turtle Reef was closed in October 2021 for improvements and upgrades.

‘Playful and curious’ parrot chicks are smuggled into the San Francisco Zoo

“When these chicks were confiscated, US Fish and Wildlife sought out zoos that specialized in hand-rearing parrot species.”

7 ducklings rescued from San Mateo storm sewer, reunited with their mother

A cuter rescue would be extremely hard to find. Seven baby ducklings have been reunited with their mothers after they were trapped in a storm drain in San Mateo by rescue workers from the Peninsula Humane Society and the SPCA.

A cat rescued from a tree but not too happy about it

A Livermore-Pleasanton Fire Local 1974 firefighter helped lower a cat from a tree on Sunday in Livermore. But the cat seems to have preferred to be left alone.

Kittens rescued on I-580 in Livermore

Even though Tuesday was a busy day with the California primary election, it’s a few nice cats that won the night for Captain Chris Sherry of the California Highway Patrol.

An orphan mountain lion cub rescued in ‘Nick Of Time’

Named “Rose” by her caregivers at the Oakland Zoo, she is expected to weigh 30 pounds but weighs only 8.8 pounds. She receives care 24 hours a day.

Mountain Lion trapped in California high school classroom

Students and staff were at the school when the mountain lion entered the building, according to the sheriff’s office.

Deputies Recover Stolen Petaluma Trailer, Release ‘Masked Bandit’

Detectives determined that a baby raccoon riding a shotgun was not involved in the theft.

Safari West welcomes 4 baby warthogs

Proud parents Njeri and Pig Newton gave birth to four warthog piglets – or as the park likes to call them, warthogs – in early April.

Baby goat stolen from Pinole found thanks to ‘True Hero’: report

After security video showed a woman snatching the newborn baby, his owners took to social media and the media to help bring him home.

‘An unwanted foster home’: Coyote walks through woman’s dog door

The coyote walked through Julie Levine’s dog door and stayed in the house for about three minutes. The whole riddle freaked out his dogs.

Brown pelican crisis worsens, Bird Rescue appeals for donations

The Los Angeles Wildlife Center is treating more than 200 sick California brown pelicans, a daunting task with a steep price tag.

Furry friends and families reunited after coastal fire

The Mission Viejo Animal Services Center rescued about 10 animals from at-risk homes in Laguna Niguel during the Coastal Fire on Wednesday.

OC residents scramble to save ducklings and their mother

A duck and her ducklings were rescued by Good Samaritans in Mission Viejo after they ended up on a highway in Orange County.

30 abandoned parakeets rescued by Mission Viejo animal services center

A group of birds are on their way to better days after being rescued from Laguna Niguel by the Mission Viejo Animal Services Center.

Meet Francisco, the Maltipoo mascot of Woodbridge Terrace in Irvine

The dog quickly became a vital part of the Irvine assisted living facility, attending staff meetings and tending to residents.

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