The Floral City dog ​​breeder has been arrested again for animal cruelty; apprehended in Colorado | Crime and courts

Jason Dion Munn, one of Citrus County’s top dog breeders, accused of abusing three of his dogs, has been jailed nearly across the United States for other similar allegations.

Authorities from the Saguache County Sheriff’s Office and the US Marshals Service arrested the 48-year-old man from Floral City on Tuesday, May 3 in Colorado, according to the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office on Monday, May 9.

Munn, arrested May 3, 2022 in Colorado on a Citrus County warrant alleging animal cruelty.

Munn was arrested on a warrant alleging two counts of animal cruelty — offenses for which the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office had been trying to jail Munn since at least April 27, when the agency named him “Wanted of the Week”. Munn will be extradited to Florida.

At the time of his arrest, Munn had been out on $45,000 bail since April 19 for his original criminal case in Citrus County, charging him with three counts of aggravated animal cruelty. Munn is due in court for those allegations on June 2.

Jason Dion Munn


Local authorities arrested Munn on April 18 after beginning to investigate complaints on April 1. Munn had inadequate kennel sizes and capacities for his operation, Pine Ridge Goldens, at 7033 E. Shadywoods Court in Floral City.

Munn’s arrest report says he is “one of Citrus County’s premier dog breeders,” with approximately 10 years of experience in the business.

Floral City dog ​​breeder arrested for animal cruelty

Instead of fixing his kennel’s problems, according to the sheriff’s office, Munn decided to move his animals.

Munn turned over 15 of his dogs to Citrus County Animal Services, which found three of the dogs had serious infections, prompting Munn’s arrest on April 18.

Further investigations revealed that Munn moved 65 dogs in Iowa, leading the Keokuk County Sheriff’s Office and the Iowa Animal Rescue League to seize the animals.

One of those dogs, according to the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office, had a badly amputated leg, an operation that investigators believe Munn performed in Citrus County without the assistance of a veterinarian or doctor. follow-up care.

Citrus County Sheriff’s Office detectives and animal control officers issued a warrant April 20 to search two of Munn’s properties off East Shadywoods Court, including Pine Ridge Goldens, where authorities found and rescued 56 dogs living in deplorable conditions.

According to the sheriff’s office, some of the dogs were confined to small kennels while others had no access to food or water. Authorities also found the remains of two dogs under a tarp and a puppy was found dead in its own feces and urine.

Detectives and Animal Control also seized 28 reptiles from Munn’s properties, including snakes, skinks, geckos and monitor lizards.

After his failed attempts to track down and interview Munn, the sheriff’s office obtained a warrant for his arrest on the latest animal abuse allegations, leading to his May 3 arrest in Colorado.

Investigations into Munn are still ongoing, according to the sheriff’s office, and additional charges are pending.

County spokeswoman Veronica Kampschroer said Monday the county animal shelter is housing 66 dogs linked to Munn’s two animal cruelty cases.

Kampschroer said the initial number of dogs retrieved on April 20 increased to 65 after puppies were born at the shelter. These 65 dogs are in the shelter’s protective custody and a hearing on their property was scheduled for Thursday.

If county animal services are granted custody, shelter staff will still have to keep the animals for an additional 30 days to allow for an appeal. Subsequently, the dogs will be evaluated and then released to be adopted, fostered or cared for by a rescue group.

Of the 15 dogs Munn has already returned to the county, the three dogs with infections — Meeko, Jinn and Terri — have been placed in foster homes for adoption and are still receiving intensive medical care from county animal services, Kampschroer said.

Kampschroer said 11 other people have been adopted or transferred to rescue partners, and one is still available for adoption at the shelter in Inverness.

Visit or call 352-746-8400 to find an adoptable or lost animal at the county animal shelter.

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