The animal vlogger who took to YouTube over his snail | Abha Gopan

Emma Lock, an award-winning animal educator and digital content creator, has taken issue with YouTube for failing to monetize her snail video in violation of its sex and nudity policy.

On May 1, 2021, she took to Twitter and share, “If your team could not sexualize my animals, it would be wonderful.”. She also said, “My snail isn’t naked. I’m not naked. Nothing on my video or thumbnail is self-explanatory. What should I put? ‘Maybe a big snail, but still healthy’ ?”

Along with that, she also shared the screenshot of YouTube’s email stating that her video violates their sex and nudity policy. They further explained that they weren’t issuing a warning because it didn’t seem like she knew it was a policy violation. And they then deleted the video from YouTube.

She also shared the rejected YouTube thumbnail. The photo focused on her snail and herself, with a caption below, “So Big.”

After that, she posted the edited image of the actual thumbnail and added a note saying “not a healthy little mollusc”.

Then she joked about a new platform called SlonlyFans.

Who is Emma Lock?

Emma Lock was born to Spanish and Chinese parents. After the family moved to Hong Kong in 1997, she became interested in catching lizards and insects. At age 11, she worked as a pet store manager and worked part-time at a veterinary clinic.

While in college, she started acting doing theater productions like Romeo and Juliet and also appeared in the movie Human Centipede II.

Currently, she is Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Zen Habitats UK.

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