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Photo above: A bull terrier, a Siamese cat and a labrador retriever are friends in which Disney movie?


Beachers love our four-legged friends, but critters can be unpredictable. Name those films in which animal actors are put in difficult situations.

1.) In 1961, Sheila Burnford wrote a novel based on her own pets, although it was not a true story. Two dogs and a cat roam the Ontario wilderness trying to get home. Walt Disney adapted the book into a beloved 1963 film shot in part in the Toronto area with local actors.

2.) Did you know that animals in movies can have stunt double liners? Four Irish Terriers were used to represent Rexxx, “Hollywood’s Best Canine Star” in Firehouse Dog (2007). One of the most memorable movie scenes shot on the beach shows a horse galloping down Kenilworth Avenue. A number of horses doubled for the leading horse in racing, fighting and swimming. Some had to be dyed to match the star. It’s a horse of a different color!

3.) Who let the dogs out? In this classic film, a family has to eat at a restaurant after the neighbor’s dogs steal their Christmas turkey. No good boys! I double-dog dare you to guess this movie. Watch for locations and streetcars in eastern Toronto.

4.) There is an old adage in showbiz, never to work with children or animals. A baboon named Typhoon was hard to control on set and the biggest animal star in this sci-fi thriller, but the title went down to a tiny little creature. Be afraid, be very afraid, and do not try this experience at home.

5.) The reindeer are animatronic in this seasonal comedy with the exception of one scene shot at the Toronto Zoo. Polar bears also had their chance to become a celebrity.

6.) Truth is stranger than fiction. The filmmaker wrote the screenplay after reading a news article about a mobster arrested for trafficking endangered species in New Jersey, including a 10-foot Komodo dragon. The Lizard steals the show in this gangster movie parody that features the most obedient Asian water monitors, but you knew that, right?

7.) A grieving widow takes her small Pomeranian dog with her to St. John’s Norway Cemetery at Woodbine Avenue and Kingston Road. Her adorable pet is named Walter Cronkite.

8,) Sixty Canada Geese were trained to fly alongside ultralight planes in this 1996 film based on a true story. Watch for birds soaring over Scarborough.

9.) A Chinese crested hairless dog named Harry played Krull in this 2003 romantic comedy. Harry was fitted with a plastic tube that ran down his body under a sweater. The little dog lifts his leg on a verbal signal from his trainer and water is pumped through the tube. Would a pet relieving itself on your pool table be a deciding factor in a new relationship?

10.) A neighborhood cat likes to climb our catalpa tree. The perfect purring cat with the special talent of whistling at the right time was needed for this otherworldly fairy tale. Astro the cat will go down in history for playing the hapless Pandora in the Oscar winner for best picture.

Are you lucky feline? Check your score with the answers below.

A correct score of 8 to 10 is “paw” for some. A score of 1 to 3 is astrophic “cat”.


  1. The Incredible Journey (1963)
  2. The Black Stallion (1979)
  3. A Christmas Story (1983)
  4. The Fly (1986)
  5. Father Christmas (1994)
  6. The freshman (1990)
  7. Die For (1995)
  8. Fly Home (1996)
  9. How to lose a guy in 10 days (2003)
  10. The Shape of Water (2017)

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