Seven cases of alleged animal abuse in court in June

Seven cases of alleged animal abuse in court in June

June 01, 2022

Monday, June 6:
A long-running lawsuit is set to be finalized in Christies Beach Magistrate’s Court involving a western suburban defendant who is accused of failing to ensure a dog with multiple health conditions received veterinary care. The elderly dog ​​remains in the custody of the RSPCA.

Thursday, June 16: A northern suburban defendant is to be remanded to Elizabeth Magistrates’ Court for being convicted of 10 counts of animal abuse in relation to four horses and a pony found in an emaciated and without access to water. Three horses remain in the custody of the RSPCA and the fourth horse has been returned to its owner (who is not the defendant). The pony was rehomed after being handed over by the defendant.

Thursday, June 16: A northern suburb defendant is set to return to Elizabeth Magistrates Court to face charges over an emaciated dog found in squalid conditions and without access to water, with a second dog and a cat also being held in squalid conditions with no access to water and a guinea pig found locked in a filthy little cage.

Friday, June 17: Two defendants from a regional town north of Adelaide are to return to Adelaide Magistrates’ Court to face cruelty charges relating to a large number of dogs, cats, native animals and birds found in poor condition and kept in squalid conditions. Most of the animals recovered and were rehomed after the defendants returned them.

Tuesday, June 21: A defendant from the north-east suburbs of Adelaide will face Elizabeth Magistrates court for the first time to face charges relating to two emaciated dogs seized by RSPCA inspectors in August 2021. Both dogs remain under the RSPCA custody.

Tuesday, June 21: An accused man and woman from the north east suburbs of Adelaide face 20 counts of animal abuse involving more than 60 animals, including 17 cats and a mix of rabbits, pigeons, cockatoos, lorikeets , corellas, magpies, galahs , possums, a water dragon lizard, puppies, canaries, a duck and an owl. All were reportedly held in unsanitary and squalid conditions. The defendants are due to return to Elizabeth Magistrates Court this month. The animal rescue charity the couple ran faces the same charges.

Wednesday, June 29: A defendant from the northern suburbs will face the first time in court for failing to provide proper and adequate food to a dog who is in an emaciated state. The dog was seized by RSPCA inspectors and has since been rehomed.

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