Season 18 of Grey’s Anatomy will bring back Kate Walsh as Addison Montgomery

After nearly a decade away from Gray-Sloan Memorial Hospital, Dr. Addison Montgomery is finally making his return. Season 18 of Grey’s Anatomy will see the return of the fan-favorite gynecologist and neonatal surgeon for a multi-episode arc. Actor Kate walsh herself confirmed the return on her Instagram account and on a video shared by the official Grey’s Anatomy Twitter account.

Since the previous season, Grey’s Anatomy wanted to bring back old characters. Patrick dempsey, TR Knight, Chyler leigh, and Eric dane all of them made appearances in season 17. Prior to that, Kim raver returned as a guest after a five-year absence and then joined the regular cast. For season 18, Kate burton is also back as Meredith Grey’s (Ellen pompeo) mother and Peter Gallagher was recently announced as a new addition to the cast.


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Walsh’s Addison is one of the most popular characters across the Grey’s Anatomy universe. She was originally part of a five-episode arc in 2005, but her popularity made the then-showrunner Shonda rhime reconsider and make Walsh a regular actor. In 2007, Walsh had his own spinoff show: Private practice ran for six seasons and featured Amelia Shepherd (Catherine scorsone) to the Grey’s Anatomy universe. She then moved on to the main series, in which she remains a regular actor to this day.

Grey’s Anatomy follows the daily life of a group of doctors at Gray-Sloan Memorial Hospital in Seattle. Throughout each season, they struggle to balance their careers, medical cases, and romantic relationships. After more than 15 years on the air, Grey’s Anatomy is still the highest-rated scripted series on ABC and has spawned several spin-offs, including Station 19, which also airs on ABC.

Walsh’s script for the new season was not disclosed by the current showrunner Krista vernoff. Season 18 of Grey’s Anatomy and season 5 of Station 19 are scheduled to premiere September 30 on ABC.

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