Roosters discarded at Co-op collected by Bolenowe Animal Sanctuary

A Lizard Peninsula charity said it was upset and ‘lost for words’ after two roosters were abandoned at a nearby supermarket.

Bolenowe Animal Sanctuary in Ruan Minor received a call this week about two roosters who were thrown into their local Co-op parking lot in a cardboard box.

Although the sanctuary accommodated the roosters, they did not have much space, so they were kept in the stables.

The charity said the two roosters were “a bit shocked and calm” at first, but quickly settled into a nice, comfortable stable and were “singing happily at the end of the day”.

The sanctuary said it would take good care of the roosters and give them “the best life”.

However, they condemned who was responsible, saying it was not the first time this had happened.


The charity said on Monday: “We received a call today requesting assistance from our local Co-op store as they had found two roosters that had been thrown into a cardboard box in their car park.

“There seems to be a local serial offender as the same thing happened last year – most likely someone who likes to keep poultry and doesn’t want them when they turn out to be males, and s waiting for someone else like us to fix the problem.

n The roosters were collected by Bolenowe Animal Sanctuary

“Yes, that’s a problem, because we had nowhere to put them apart from one of the stables we normally use.

“The poor boys were a bit shocked and silent when they arrived, but they quickly settled into a nice comfortable stable and were singing happily at the end of the day.

“It goes without saying that we’re obviously going to take very good care of them and give them the best life possible, but I’m actually at a loss for words that anyone thinks it’s okay to do this.”

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