Reptile enthusiasts can shop for snakes, spiders and lizards at the new store in Stoke-on-Trent

Store owner Kerry Martin has launched a new reptile store named after her beloved grandparents.

The 35-year-old now sells lizards, spiders, snakes and live foods such as crickets at AK Reptiles in Longton.

The Barber Street store is also in a great location as it’s right next to a navy store run by its brother.

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Kerry and her twin brother were raised by their grandparents Albert, 86, and Kathleen, 83, both of whom sadly passed away.

Albert, who suffered from vascular dementia, died in April, and Kerry, along with his brother and partner, cared for him around the clock, which led to Kerry naming his store after his grandparents.

“We just opened last week. It has always been one of my ambitions,” she said.

“I’ve kept reptiles myself for years. An opportunity presented itself and I thought I would take it. It’s always something I’ve loved and have had them since I was a child. .

“The unit became available for rental and my brother has the business next door. He said why I wouldn’t do what I always said I would, so I thought I would give it a try. “

Kerry added: “I’ve had a lot of changes going on. I lost my grandfather and I was his full time caregiver. Losing him made me think. He always wanted me to be able to do something. thing I wanted to do.

“My grandparents were like my mom and dad and they raised us. They were our parents.”

Kerry is not afraid of the giant spiders she sells.

Now she’s hoping to make it known that AK Reptiles is open.

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“I’m doing as much social media as I can to get my business started. It’s been calm, but I hope it picks up when people realize we’re here,” she said. “Much of it is where it is – we’re pretty much hidden away.”

Kerry owns a royal python, a chameleon and a gecko.

AK Reptiles is open seven days a week.

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