Petition: Ban animal abuser who kept 665 animals locked up from having animals again

Nebraska authorities found 665 animals in a man’s home, and sadly dozens of animals had already died inside. Animals included chinchillas, rabbits, guinea pigs, lizards, turtles, snakes, finches, and even exotic birds. Most of them were incredibly malnourished, injured and sick. Authorities had to euthanize two of the surviving animals because they were seriously injured.

Source: KETV NewsWatch 7/YouTube

70 of the animals had already died when authorities arrived, and their corpses were scattered among the hundreds of other animals. Officials found urine and feces throughout the house and very little food and water.

The rescued animals have been sent to the Nebraska Humane Society to receive much-needed veterinary care, but some animals will have health issues for the rest of their lives due to the conditions they were forced to live in.

Authorities arrested the man and charged him with multiple counts of animal cruelty, but due to Nebraska law, even if he’s convicted, that doesn’t mean he won’t be around anymore. allowed to own pets.

Sign this petition to demand that the authorities ban this animal abuser from adopting, owning or living with any other animal in the future!

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