New Salandit and Salazzle species are coming to Pokémon GO today


The All-Hands Rocket Retreat event began in Pokemon GO. It has produced a new wave of Shadow Pokémon including Shadow Alolan Rattata, Shadow Alolan Sandshrew, Shadow Alolan Exeggutor, Shadow Sudowoodo, Shadow Girafarig, and Shadow Numel which can all be encountered through Grunts. Team GO Rocket leaders have different shadows that can now be encountered as Shinies with the return of Shiny Shadow Drowsee and Shiny Shadow Exeggcute and Shiny Shadow Cubone making their debut in Pokemon GO for the first time. To cap off Team GO Rocket’s debut, a new Shadow Legendary is wielded by Giovanni: Shadow Latias. However, it’s not just Team GO Rocket content that’s coming. Pokemon GO with this All-Hands Rocket Retreat event. We’re also getting two new species in the game as the Alola reveal continues. Salandit and its evolution of Salazzle are now online!

Salandit & Salazzle in Pokemon GO. 1 credit

Discover Salandit and Salazzle in Pokemon GO:

  • Salandite:
    • Classification: The Toxic Lizard Pokemon
    • Typing: Poison/fire type
    • Pokédex entries:
      • It burns its bodily fluids to create poisonous gas. When his enemies become disoriented after inhaling the gas, he attacks them.
      • Volcanoes or dry, steep places are his home. It emanates a fragrant poisonous gas that attracts bug Pokémon and then attacks them.
      • The males will do whatever the females tell them. They give the females most of their food. Due to malnutrition, males cannot evolve.
      • It weakens opponents and staggers them with its poisonous gas. Salandit doesn’t take good care of Spinda, as he is still in shock.

Now, this male/female dichotomy is important in understanding these two. Only the Salandit woman can evolve into Salazzle. Males are not known to evolve.

  • Salazzle:
    • Classification: The Toxic Lizard Pokemon
    • Typing: Poison/fire type
    • Pokédex entries:
      • For some reason, only females were found. He creates an inverted harem of male Salandit with whom he lives.
      • Filled with pheromones, its poisonous gas can be diluted for use in the production of luscious scents.
      • Salazzle lives deep in caves and forces the Salandit he lured with his pheromones to serve him.
      • He punishes Salandit who couldn’t bring him food with a fierce slap of his palm spitting flames.
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