New Britain Herald – New Britain man accused of animal cruelty to stand trial


NEW BRITAIN – A man facing animal cruelty charges for allegedly having a crocodile monitor and two malnourished dogs is heading to trial.

Carlos Colon, 36, appeared in New Britain Superior Court on Wednesday, where he was granted an extension until April 8. His case – in which he faces three counts of animal cruelty – has been scheduled for a jury trial.

Colon is free on $25,000 bond pending trial.

He pleaded not guilty to all charges.

According to court documents, city police were dispatched in June 2018 to a second-floor apartment at 322 Chestnut St. on a report of a foul odor and flies coming from it.

Officers entered the apartment through an open window, after no one answered the door when they knocked, to make sure everything was okay. The apartment was extremely cluttered, with feces on the floor. The unit also smelled of urine and garbage.

A reptile about three to four feet long was found lying on the ground in the middle of a room and dogs could be heard barking from the room, according to court documents. The police did not enter the room because they did not know the disposition of the dogs.

Officers later returned with Connecticut Environmental Police and placed a crocodile monitor in a plastic container before seizing it. They also found two dogs that showed signs of malnutrition and were covered in feces and urine. There was a large plastic container filled with water in the room, but no food bowls or dog food in the residence.

Local law enforcement had contacted the Connecticut Environmental Police about the monitor and learned that it was illegal to import and possess in the state and could be seized. The reptile was seized and sent to a sanctuary in Massachusetts. It is the largest known monitor lizard in New Guinea. The lizard’s tail is so long that it can reach the size of a Komodo dragon. The black market value of the reptile was $15,000.

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