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MYSTIC, Conn., April 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —Amazing”, “absolutely amazing”, “perfect” and “you saved my life”. These are just a few phrases used to describe the experience customers have had with Nancy Mello during their sessions. Nancy is a medium, intuitive/animal communicator and clairvoyant. She can help with services ranging from connecting clients with deceased people and pets, making decisions about the future, letting go of your past, or even finding a lost pet.

Mello grew up in Northern California on a farm where she acquired her love for animals and the ability to understand and connect with them. She shared that her gift is genetic, going back many generations. She enjoys working with animals of all kinds and believes that each animal has a unique personality of its own.

Nancy’s mission is to fund scientific research to understand how people with intuitive abilities use their brains differently. She believes that by understanding how clairvoyants use their brains in different ways, she can help further understand how the brain works and how she can help others. “I believe science and spirituality can coincide,” Nancy said.

As a psychic medium, clairvoyant, and animal communicator, Nancy connects with clients around the world, with all sessions conducted virtually by phone or video. His reading sessions vary from 15 minutes to 2 hours. During the readings, Nancy takes notes, scans them into PDF format and emails them to her clients. Once you share the experience of a session, says Mello, “you become a friend for life.”

Described as one of the best communicators and animal mediums in the industry by, Nancy has been featured in The Washington Post, Cosmopolitan UK and podcasts such as “Adventures of a Frugal mom”. The features highlight when she discovered her gift, the various services offered, as well as her view of the Covid-19 pandemic and her protest against racism. Between 2020 and 2021, Nancy has worked with over 400 animals and helped owners find over 35 animals. She communicated with all sorts of animals – from a beta fish named Clark, a bearded dragon lizard named Beardy, and an unnamed groundhog tearing up a yard. “People ask me if I can communicate with this or that type of animal. Even if I’m not sure, I’m always willing to try. It’s amazing how much understanding animals seem to have, even at the level emotional.” remarks Nancy.

Besides helping animals and people, Nancy is the military spouse of an active American service member. She has two children and recently resigned from an elected position in local town government to devote more time to helping locate lost animals. She shares her home with two rescue cats and two rescue dogs who enjoy having an animal communicator as a pet parent. “The cats mostly take advantage of my gift when I’m sleeping. I’m going to wake up and want to order them a scratcher or more catnip.” Mello jokes.

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