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How would you feel if the day you were born someone else had already planned for the day you were executed? This is how it is with animals killed for their skin, fur and feathers, we are taught that stealing is a crime, yet every year we steal the lives of billions of animals for their skins just to be used for fur. , leather handbags, shoes, wool, feathers, pillows, furniture, etc.

The animals are painfully gassed, poisoned. suffocated, anally electrocuted, clubbed and drowned for their fur, skin, feathers and are often skinned alive. Animal skins are torn off to make leather, birds are held to the ground while handfuls of feathers are plucked from their sensitive skin, and sheep are often beaten and maimed by workers for their wool. Alligators and lizards and the like are beheaded and dismembered for their skins for bags, belts and accessories.

We are not living in the era of cavemen, and it is not necessary to kill living things for the sake of fashion. Today, many great designers have added many beautiful fabrics not made with animal skins, and many have completely phased out fur, leather, etc.

Just like our pets, all animals are sentient beings and capable of feeling pain and suffering, and were not born to be our accessories, yet we deprive them of the sun and light, and of the life that we they were supposed to take advantage.

Consider making a New Year’s resolution to eliminate animal hides from your life.

For cruelty-free clothing, search “HEALabel, Ethical Consumer Info. “

Silvie Pomicter, Chinchilla, Pennsylvania.

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