Letters to the Editor: America Competes Act threatens reptile enthusiasts; It’s time to stop failing our students | Letters to the Editor

The America Competes Act threatens reptile enthusiasts

My name is Josh Bartlett and I am a 23 year old reptile keeper and I strongly oppose the passage of the America Competes Act HR 4521 which prevents reptiles and other pets from crossing US borders. State.

This law would prevent future reptile enthusiasts from having access to reptile species that do not in any way harm the natural environment of the 50 states.

For example, reptiles such as bearded dragons, uromastyx lizards, and other commonly kept pets like leopard geckos might not pose a risk of becoming an invasive species in any state simply because these animals could not not survive for an extended period in the wild in any part of the United States of America.

An example is that these reptiles have very specific breeding requirements and could not survive harsh winters in any of the 50 states. Another example is that none of these reptiles would be able to find the adequate food they would need to survive and reproduce.

Please don’t ruin the hobby of reptile keeping for millions of Americans and future Americans by passing this law because there is no risk to wild populations and these animals are kept as pets and pose no threat to native populations.

Most reptile keepers are responsible and would never release their pets into the wild because they know they will not survive.

It’s time to stop failing our students

I teach at El Camino and have been teaching in the district for 25 years.

We are failing our students.

We let our students down when we didn’t give them enough time for physical education, until a complaint was filed and the situation was corrected.

We have failed our English learners by not giving them electives. In 2017, I informed my administration, board members, and others at the district office that I believed we were in violation of Title VI. I’m sad to say I didn’t do more. Now that schools are rejoining the CTE, someone has spoken. And starting next year, all our students will have electives.

Our biggest failure is our response to COVID.

The Surgeon General has issued a warning about the youth mental health crisis. According to the Los Angeles Times, at the start of 2021, emergency room visits in the United States for suspected suicide attempts were 51% higher for teenage girls and 4% higher for teenage boys compared to the start of 2019.

Additionally, symptoms of depression and anxiety have doubled during the pandemic.

Some claim that the measures taken were necessary. You might have believed it at first. But now we know better.

We know that, statistically, COVID poses very little threat to children. Children under 18 account for 0.0008 of COVID deaths in the United States.

We make harmful policies. In schools, we see students being suspended for vaping, being under the influence, fighting. All the evidence of the mental health crisis.

And it’s time to speak for our children. To stop filling them with fear.

It’s time to take off the masks. It’s time to say no to all mandates. We need to stop disappointing our students and each other.

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