LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga – Reptile Revealer’s Guide

There are a lot of side activities and quests that players have to complete separately from the main missions in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. The game is very varied and some side missions are much easier than others, which is the case with the Reptile Revealer quest.

Reptile Revealer is relatively simple. It asks the player to find ten hidden chameleon-like reptiles lurking near and inside the Resistance base on the planet Ajan Kloss. While some of the reptiles are easy to find, others are hidden to the point that some players give up before finding all ten.

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Reptile Revealer’s Guide

To start the Reptile Revealer quest, head to the resistance camp on Ajan Kloss. There you will find ten objective markers that will lead you to the general areas where the reptiles are. To collect each reptile, you’ll need to shoot it with a gun or slice it with a lightsaber so the quest can only be completed if you’re playing as a character that can attack (sorry protocol droids, they don’t do not serve your species here.)

Start at the airstrip and find the three reptiles that are out in the open on the ground. They’re easy to spot and the markers will lead you straight to them so they won’t be too much of a problem. From there, find the two reptiles on the landed ships, one on the Y-Wing and one on the flaming X-Wing. They sit atop each ship, so if you’re having trouble finding them on the ground it’s because they aren’t, you’ll need to look higher.

Go back southeast and head behind the waterfall at the bottom of the map. The last reptile in the pool hangs out next to a pool of water behind the falls. Once these six reptiles are found, head to the cliffs and to the resistance base inside the caves. Before entering the caves, head south and find the green reptile hidden in the bushes marked by your map markers. Once you’ve collected it, head back north to the caves.

Inside the caves, continue north and follow the paths that begin to curve slightly to the right. Once you hit the wall, you should encounter a murky pool of water. Inside the water, you should be able to make out a reptile hiding below the surface. Turn around and run up the small cliff to where Klaud, the fan-favorite slug alien, is. Behind him you will find the penultimate reptile. From there you will have to focus on the giant cruiser located inside the cave.

Walk along the side of the ship and you’ll come across a grapple point about halfway up. Grab then climb the rest of the way to get on the cruiser. Walk along the roof of the ship towards the cave entrance, stopping once you get to the thrusters at the rear end of the ship. The last reptile is located on the leftmost thruster of the bottom row facing the cave opening. To get it, you’ll need to jump carefully and find the pristine white reptile camouflaged to match the color of the ship.

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