Largest number of new species in India spotted in Kerala, Kerala, the country of the species, new species in Kerala

Kozhikode: Kerala discovered the most species in India this year. According to the annual report of the Zoological Survey of India, 86 new species have been discovered in the state. In 2021, 406 new species were discovered in India.

New Kerala varieties include three snakes, five lizards, seven frogs and various dragonflies, butterflies, wasps and insects.

A mildly poisonous snake called Poochakannan was found at Pullampara in Ernakulam. Boiga Vitakari Ganesh is the scientific name. Two viper species snakes were found in Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary in Agasthyamalai, Thiruvananthapuram. Craspedocephalus Peltopelor Mallik and Craspedocephalus Travancoricus Mallik are their respective scientific names.

Three types of lizards, Cnemaspis Flavigularis, Nmapsis Nimbus and Cnemaspis Smaug, have been found in Mathikettan Shola National Park in Idukki. The lizard (Black-Bellied De Greko) found in the forest of Achankovil Reserve is scientifically called Nimapsis Nigriventris. The upper Manalar species in Periyar Meghamala Tiger Reserve is called Nimapsis Rubroculus Pal.

The frog at Mathikettan Shola Thattekad Bird Sanctuary was named Euphlyctis Kerala Dinesh. The tree frog found in Siruvani, Palakkad is called Raorchestes Drutahu. The lizard found in Nedumbassery, Kochi is called Minervarya Pentali. Raorchestes keirasabinae was found at both Ponmudi and Chattanattu in Thiruvananthapuram. Kakkayam’s species in Kozhikode is called Raorchestes Kakayamensis. One with a white pupil was found from Siruvani in Palakkad and given the name Raorchestes Vellikannan. Raorchestes Sanjappai was the frog species found at Periya in Wayanad.

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