Justin Timberlake joins Benicio Del Toro in Netflix movie – Deadline

Netflix has acquired the worldwide rights to Black Label Media Reptile, featuring Oscar nominee Justin Timberlake (Palmer, Social network) to play opposite Oscar-winning actor Benicio Del Toro (Sicario, Traffic), whose casting had already been announced.

The film picks up after the brutal murder of a young real estate agent, following a hardened detective (Del Toro) as he tries to uncover the truth in a case where nothing is as it seems. In doing so, he finds himself dismantling the illusions in his own life.

Prolific music video director Grant Singer directs photography in his directorial debut. He wrote the screenplay with Benjamin Brewer (Trust, Under contempt).

Molly Smith, Trent Luckinbill and Thad Luckinbill produce for Black Label Media, with the co-production of Seth Spector of Black Label. Del Toro and Rachel Smith are the executive producers.

Timberlake recently played the title role in the original Apple film Palmer. He also appeared on the film side in DreamWorks Animation. Trolls movies, the Coen brothers Inside Llewyn Davis, Clint Eastwood-starrer Problems with the curve, Andrew Niccol’s action thriller On time, Will Gluck Friends with benefits, by Jake Kasdan Bad teacher and that of David Fincher Social network among other titles.

Timberlake is replaced by WME, LBI and Ziffren Brittenham. The singer is replaced by CAA, Anonymous Content and Ziffren Brittenham. Del Toro is replaced by LBI, Range Media and Hansen Jacobson.

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