Justin Chambers of Grey’s Anatomy to portray Marlon Brando in offer

In his first post-Grey’s Anatomy role, Justin Chambers joins the cast of Paramount + ‘s The Offer, directing The Godfather, as Marlon Brando.

Old Grey’s Anatomy star Justin Chambers joins the cast of Paramount + The offer as Marlon Brando. The offer is an upcoming limited series on the making of Francis Ford Coppolathe classic from 1972 The Godfather, adapted from the novel by Mario Puzo. Brando starred in The Godfather like Vito Corleone, aging mafia gift and devoted patriarch of the family. He won the Oscar for Best Actor for his sympathetic and multi-faceted portrayal.

Now, Deadline reports Chambers will take on the role of Brando in The offer. This will be Chambers’ first new acting job since his popular character Dr Alex Karev suddenly left Grey’s Anatomy in 2020, in the 16th season of the hit medical drama. Chambers, who had been part of the cast of Grey’s Anatomy since its first inception in 2005, was a fan favorite, and The surprise departure of Dr. Karev of the show was quite controversial.


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Having shown throughout his time on Grey’s Anatomy As he is more than capable of playing a complex and intricate character with a deep emotional range, Chambers is an excellent choice to play Brando, whose career was revived after his turn as Vito Corleone. By choosing The offer as his first post-Grey’s project, Chambers gets in good company – he joins an impressive star cast including Miles Teller, Matthew Goode, Giovanni Ribisi, Juno Temple and Dan Fogler as Coppola.

Marlon Brando in The Godfather

The offer will focus on the behind-the-scenes experiences of The Godfather producer Al Ruddy (Teller, in a role he succeeded Armie Hammer). It was created by Michael Tolkin (Escape to Dannemora), and will be written by Nikki Toscano (Motel Bates) and directed by Dex Fletcher (Rocket man). The offer is scheduled for the first time on Paramount + in 2022.

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