Is this your giant reptile? ACS is looking for the owner of the savannah monitor

Did someone miss a lizard?

San Antonio Animal Care Services found a monitor lizard on the northwest side on Wednesday and they believe it may have escaped from its home.

Lisa Norwood with ACS sent pictures of the big reptile to KSAT on Thursday and said, “This is Fred. At least we think he’s a Fred. He could be a Frederica. Either way, Fred is a monitor lizard.

Norwood said lizards like Fred are known to escape and after maintenance crews at an apartment complex on the northwest side find him, she suspects he may be the pet. from someone.

The current theory of ACS officials is that Fred escaped from a balcony or patio, then wandered too far and got lost.

Fred was found on Wednesday just before bad weather and rain hit San Antonio.

“We believe Fred is a Savannah monitor from sub-Saharan Africa,” Norwood said. “When he’s an adult, he’ll be up to 3 feet long.”

Fred is not available for adoption and ACS officials are currently searching for his owner. Fred’s owner will need to provide proof of ownership when picking him up.

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“We are sure that Fred has a current owner and that he has not been lost for a long time due to his health as well as being docile and easy to handle,” said Norwood. “In fact, Fred likes to be wrapped in a blanket like a little lizard burrito. He likes having his head and chin rubbed.

It’s been a strange week in San Antonio in terms of animal finds. Some San Antonio residents recently discovered that there were stray wild peacocks and flocks of parakeets ready to roar.

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