Iguana found with rotten feet after being ‘tied to pig’ rescued by animal shelter

Carolina Waterfowl Rescue highlighted the dangers of a popular method of transporting iguanas, after receiving one with feet that had fallen off after being “tied up by pigs.”

“Pig lineage” is a method of tying an iguana’s arms behind its back, almost as if it had been arrested. Although it is very controversial, it is often used by vendors carrying reptiles.

In this case shared by the rescue center, however, the iguana had been left in this position for so long that it ended up dropping its feet completely.

“A person walking his dog found him ‘tied up’, picked him up and took him to the CWR,” said Jennifer Gordon, executive director of the shelter. News week in an email.

“We have been told (but not confirmed) that iguanas are sold at the flea market and have their legs attached.”

The iguana with the reeducation globes.
Carolina Waterfowl Rescue

The center shared the story on Facebook on October 19 with images of the tragic injuries, writing: “This green iguana was found by someone’s dog with his arms tied behind his back. The iguana was like that for so long that his feet were dead and petrified. Rehabilitation staff placed small rubber boots on the iguana for now until the stumps had calluses so he could walk painlessly. “

According to Carolina Waterfowl Rescue, they received two iguanas in this state and an average of about one reptile per week.

“It’s going to take a lot of rehab and we’re hoping to eventually get it through,” Gordon said. “These are not wild animals [and] they are considered invasive. Therefore, they should be kept as pets. “

Iguana "tied pig"
The iguana after being found “attached to the pig”
Carolina Waterfowl Rescue

After being shared on Facebook, the iguana story sparked reactions of shock and disappointment online. “The more I see things that ‘people’ are doing. The more I love animals,” one user commented.

“We do NOT deserve animals. They love humans unconditionally and that’s what humans do to them,” wrote another.

In 2015, a Florida man was reportedly arrested after he was caught with three iguanas who all had their legs “tied up” with duct tape while hanging from the handlebars of a bicycle.

The man was arrested on an animal cruelty offense after bystanders reportedly told police they heard him planning to sell the iguanas.

“When removing the band, the iguanas remained completely still as if they were in shock,” an officer reported.

Hopefully the iguana is lucky to find a home just like North Carolina cat Gus in September. As reported by News week, despite being the oldest cat at the shelter, Gus has found a “perfect match” with 101-year-old Penny.

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