How to Adopt a Pet in House Flipper: Pets DLC

To unlock the ability to adopt pets in House Flipper: Pets DLC, players must first complete the initial job on the player’s laptop.

Pets are the latest DLC for the extensive home improvement simulator house pinball, featuring a wide variety of animals that the player can adopt and care for as their own. These animals include dogs, cats, rabbits, parrots, guinea pigs, and even lizards. Naturally, dogs and cats offer the most breed variation from the rest of the animal roster. Needless to say, this new extension for house pinball is perfect for those looking for a furry, feathered or scaly companion to join them on their journey of renovating the homes of the world.

Keep in mind that Pets is a paid DLC for house pinball, which means that it must be purchased on the digital storefront of the corresponding platform. Once the player has added the DLC Pets on their account, they launch the game to start. First, head to the laptop in player home and notice the new tab that reads: “Complete the 1st Pets DLC Job.” This tab serves as a button to access Morgan’s Pet Care, a new in-game store where players can choose to adopt their favorite pets from house pinball. However, as the initial message says, the protagonist must complete the first mission of the DLC by house pinball.


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To start with Home Pinball: DLC Pets, select the “Job Map” tab on the player’s in-game desktop. A map should be available called “House Flipper Pets”, similar to the “HGTV” and “Luxury Flipper” maps. An aerial view of a neighborhood will then appear, and fans can choose the first house next to the train tracks to start the DLC’s first quest,”Illegal tenant.”

Adopt pets in the Flipper Pets DLC house

Adopt pets in the Flipper Pets DLC house

Illegal tenant” will work like any typical renovation job in house pinball, tasking the player with cleaning up and rearranging the interior of the client’s house. Yet this house features new types of trash, including animal waste and muddy paw prints. Follow the paw trail to the second floor to find a cluttered mess with a box oddly placed near the back right corner of the room. Interacting with this box will reveal a puppy inside. This puppy will be the first animal unlocked in house pinball that the player can adopt and take home when the job is done. The breed of the dog is random, meaning it varies from player to player.

After completing “Illegal tenant“, house pinball fans can now use Morgan’s Pet Care on their laptop. Additionally, they can customize indoor or outdoor enclosures for their pets by choosing the “Pets” category through the Home Furnishings tab of the store.

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house pinball is available on Nintendo Switch, Android, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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