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Video of a lizard doing “push-ups” was posted on Instagram.

Lizards have always surrounded us, but have you ever seen them “do” push-ups? If not, here’s a video to help you witness it. Shared on Instagram, the video shows a lizard doing “push-ups” while standing on a rock. The video stunned netizens and may have the same effect on you as well.

“Push-ups are fine and all, but… do you even lift, bro?” read part of the detailed caption posted alongside the video on Instagram by the National Park Service.

In a detailed caption, the National Park Service explained that several species of lizards in Zion National Park in the United States perform “push-ups” to show strength, establish territory, and attract a mate. They also added how lizards do “push-ups” by “elevating their heads and upper bodies in vigorous up-and-down motions.” Then they added wittily, “Do you still feel the burn?”

Watch the video below:

The video was posted two days ago. Since sharing, it has racked up over 8.4 lakh views and over 36,000 likes. People also posted varying comments.

“Oh you mean bench pressing down on the dirt,” one individual posted. “I always thought it was a depth perception move. Cute as heck!” shared another. “That’s awesome,” said a third.

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