Grey’s Anatomy: the most tragic deaths of season 15

Content Disclaimer: This article contains discussions about violence, medical trauma, and child loss.

The 15th season of Grey’s Anatomy brought its own set of deeply sensitive scenarios, incorporating highly relevant social issues, such as violence against women and mental health. It was also the season that saw Meredith finally reunite with DeLuca, the first person she was in a serious relationship with following Derek’s devastating passing in Season 11.

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Speaking of passing, death has always been a big part of this show, and Season 15 was no exception. There were significant recurring characters whose arcs were brought in for moving ends and whose deaths meant something personally to Meredith Gray, and of course, the patients whose shocking deaths hit fans hard.

ten Tad

Image of Tad in the ER with intern Vik

Tad died suddenly and tragically after spending hours in the emergency room in “Gut Feeling”. He walked in with a nosebleed and intern Vik directed him to a bed. He lay there pressing his nose for hours and collapsed into Vik’s arms when Vik finally remembered him.

Tad did not survive his surgery, leaving fans and Vik in shock. His death proved that any patient, no matter how insignificant their food may seem at first glance, deserves serious attention, because anything can go wrong at any time. Vik learned a serious lesson that day, although he never intended to hurt and Tad crashed before anyone could help him.

9 Nathalie

Natalie whose heart was beyond repair Grays Anatomy

In Episode 4, “Momma Knows Best,” Natalie was brought to the operating room and diagnosed with pulmonary edema and pleural effusion, two common medical terms on Grey’s Anatomy that fans have become familiar with. She needed emergency surgery and while her heart was temporarily repaired, it was badly damaged, leaving her with very little time to live.

Natalie’s husband, however, did his best to protect his young son, Max, from the terrible shock of knowing his mother might not survive. It was only after multiple attempts that Maggie was able to convince him to let Max say goodbye to his mother, when there was still time. Watching a father struggle to protect his son from the news that his mother might not make it and Max’s urgent desire to be with his mother was indeed difficult.


8 The premature baby

Image of Lizzie Hall whose baby died prematurely Grays Anatomy

In “And Dream Of Sheep,” fans were heartbroken by the death of a baby who died at 21 weeks. Her parents had been admitted to the emergency room following a car accident, and her mother had uterine bleeding, which resulted in a hysterectomy.

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Things got worse and more tragic when Andrew DeLuca’s father Vincenzo gave the young couple false hopes on how he could save the baby by placing it in an artificial womb. Since the technology has not been clinically approved, doctors regretted telling patients that there were simply too many risks to pursue Vincenzo’s plan. The scene where the couple lost their baby was agonizing and difficult for anyone to watch.

seven Josh

Josh Sternam after his Gryes Anatomy operation

Josh, 21, shockingly died in “Head Over High Heels”, even after having a good initial result for his vertebroplasty. An otherwise healthy young man, he was considering going to business school but needed surgery for his osteoporosis.

It turned out that a mistake had been made during the operation, performed by Nick, and after Josh crashed, Maggie was unable to get him back to the operating room. Josh’s grandfather must have been told of his grandson’s death and fans’ hearts ached as he tried to come to terms with this heartbreaking news.

6 Thatch Gray

Image of Meredith with a dying Thatcher Grays Anatomy

Thatcher Gray was a recurring character in Grey’s Anatomy, although it appeared sparingly. He was last seen when Lexie was around, before his gruesome death in the shocking Grey’s Anatomy season 8 finale, but the writers gave his character a tragic end in season 15.

Thatcher was diagnosed with leukemia, and her meeting with Meredith in the episode “The Winner Takes It All” was embarrassing but moving. The two were seeing each other for the first time since Lexie’s death and the tension in the air was palpable, adding a layer of poignantness to Thatcher’s ultimate death. For someone who had been through so much in life, from his first cheating wife, to the tragic loss of his second wife and youngest daughter, a painful death on top of everything else seemed utterly unfair. . However, at least Meredith sat down with him in his final moments, in one last heartbreaking scene.

5 Phoebe moss

Phoebe's Phone Conversation with Mom Grays Anatomy

Phoebe was an ordinary young woman who had been impaled by a selfie stick. The freak accident that made fans shudder occurred during the storm that cut off power to Gray Sloan in the eighth episode, “Blowin ‘In The Wind.” Phoebe was scared and alone when she was brought to the emergency room and tragically died during the operation.

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Her death was returned with additional pathos as she tried her best to appear cheerful during one last conversation with her mother, whom she didn’t want to scare away. She told her mother to take care of her dog and promised to call back later. The sad part was that Phoebe actually thought she would survive the operation when she never really had the chance.

4 Frankie

Image of Pregnant Nurse Frankie Grays Anatomy

In the episode “Everyone Has a Map,” Frankie was a nurse who had been in Gray Sloan for some time and was loved by everyone. She had conceived after three rounds of IVF and decided to stay out of the operating room to protect her baby, even when Richard advised her to have surgery for her spleen which was twisted on itself.

In the space of this episode, it was clear that Frankie was a force to be reckoned with, having faced many challenges in his life. However, it was a battle that she lost, as she eventually had to be operated on and could not be resuscitated despite the best efforts of the medics. They saved her baby, however, and all of Gray Sloan’s nurses took it upon themselves to care for the baby she literally gave her life for.

3 Cece

Image of Cece with Meredith Grays Anatomy

In “Shelter From The Storm,” Cece, who had a recurring role since the start of the season and was one of the friendliest and most memorable patients of Grey’s Anatomy, died tragically during her kidney transplant.

Cece was friendly, cheerful, and interested in people’s lives. So his death affected Gray Sloan’s staff enough. It even looked like she would be okay after her heart transplant went well, but then coded during her kidney transplant, leaving everyone deeply disturbed.

2 Nisha

Image of Nisha Smiling Under the Influence of Drugs Grays Anatomy

In the very first episode of season 15, “Broken Together”, the young woman Nisha was brought to the emergency room after a terrible bicycle accident that nearly killed Jackson and Maggie. Nisha took the full brunt of Cece’s car crashing into her, and although she looked like she could pull through at first, she eventually succumbed to her injuries, despite the best efforts of the staff, especially by Jackson.

Nisha’s death demonstrated the utterly randomness of life and death and moved fans with its inherent injustice. Here’s a healthy young woman in the prime of her life, who hadn’t even found true love yet, and in seconds, her future vanished, just like that. His death caused Jackson Avery a sort of spiritual awakening, as he tried to make sense of his death.

1 Natasha

Natasha watches oale but wakes up in Grays Anatomy

One of the most tragic deaths of the season was that of Natasha Deon in “Girlfriend In A Coma”. She had already been in the hospital for over a month when fans first met her. She began to show significant improvements, raising hopes for her recovery all around, and especially for her fiance, Garett. But sadly, her condition began to deteriorate soon after, until she and Garett decided she should stop her life support.

Natasha’s death was heartbreaking, especially since she had initially shown signs of recovery, allowing everyone, and Garett in particular, to have some hope. The scene where staff and medics give Natasha her wedding under the stars inside the hospital room didn’t leave many eyes dry.

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