Grey’s Anatomy season 19: boyfriend for Zaiver Sinnett’s Zander Perez?

Consider a challenge issued, Grey’s Anatomy. Viewers – this writer included – love Zaiver Sinnett’s Dr. Zander Perez; TVLine even included the character in its tribute to 2021’s Top Scene Stealers. But we want more for him than second banana status as reliable comic relief or the voice of plus-size people everywhere (as admirably as he filled that role earlier this season).

We, or at least I, want Zander to have a love interest.

How refreshing would it be for the long-running ABC drama to play a romance for Zander, whose portrayer described himself in a Shondaland interview as “black and gay and female” and “stocky”? Wouldn’t it be cool to find out that this individual who isn’t quintessentially adorable like Levi or a stripper like Nico is just as in love as any of the surgeons who played doctor in Gray Sloan? How exciting would it be for the show to remind us that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover?

Pretty DamnI would say.

And Grey’s Anatomy is one of the only network series bold enough to take a sassy character like Zander seriously enough to shine a light on what dating and sex are all about for him. Would he be anxious about intimacy? Or would he be as comfortable in his own skin as in his scrubs? What kind of guy would she be interested in – a nerd like the “Glasses” of old? A swimsuit model like Post 19is that Emmett?

I’m curious. And you? Would you like to see Zander in love (or at least with lust), or should he pick up a number and wait until we’ve seen poor Helm finally go on a date? Hit the comments with your thoughts.

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