Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Season 19 Episode 1 – Everything Has Changed

Lots of “Aww!” Grey’s Anatomy got season 19 of the long-running ABC drama for quite a fantastic start. We got, if not complete, at least partial resolutions to two cliffhangers (Meredith and Nick’s relationship status and Owen and Teddy’s legal issues). We were introduced to the five new surgical residents who are injecting fresh blood into Gray Sloan. (More on that here.) And we had dropped two surprises on our heads – one of them deliciously based on Derek. And if you keep reading, we’ll go over almost everything that happened in the premiere (which, by the way, was written by showrunner Krista Vernoff and directed by executive producer Debbie Allen).

“I WILL BE THE VAGINA” | Six months after the events of the Season 18 finale (recaptured here), “Everything Has Changed” found Gray Sloan rebooting his residency program with a bunch of newbs that Bailey — still very much on leave, thank you very much — canceled as having been scraped from the “bottom of the barrel”. One of them, Jules Millin (Adelaide Kane), had just had a one-night stand with an unwitting Link, who she laughed at when he nervously suggested they report their non-existent relationship to HR. . (Shades of Meredith and Derek’s origins, right?) Another of the freshmen, Mika Yasuda (Midori Francis), quickly learned that a dark sense of humor still doesn’t make “organpalooza” a term. suitable for a tornado based bus accident. it left a bunch of people about to give away hearts and livers and so forth that they no longer needed. Resident #3 Simone Griffith (Alexis Floyd) showed up late on the first day due to a panic attack brought on by the fact that she would be working at the same hospital where her mother had died giving birth to her. The fourth of our new faces, Benson Kwan (Harry Shum Jr.) shared that everyone calls him Blue “like in the tape, because I always win.” (Was I the only one who saw a spark between him and Simone?) Finally, we met Lucas Adams (Niko Terho), who has abs worthy of Nico, an aptitude for [bleeping] at the top… and was Derek’s favorite nephew. That wasn’t what Meredith hired him for, she told Amelia. Lucas didn’t remind Gray of her late husband, he reminded him of Amelia!

As the residency program kicked back into gear, Levi seized the opportunity to drop his hated OB residency with Jo and beg Richard to make him chief resident. Not only was Schmitt what Webber needed — a senior resident, not a freshman — but “if I’m ever tempted to go soft,” the doctor formerly known as Glasses promised, “I’ll imagine a return to OB, and I will grow stronger like a vagina, which I was forced to learn can stretch up to 200 times its natural size and lift 30 pounds. weight just by flexing. All Levi had to do was get Chief Grey’s okay, and she was so okay with it that she suggested it herself. In other personnel news, while Nick was at Gray Sloan picking up an organ for transplant, Meredith, face-to-face with her (ex?) boyfriend for the first time in six months, asked him to become the new director of the residence. Not only had her background inspired her to hire what other hospitals might have considered “junk,” but he wouldn’t have to travel as much. Which means that, although she hurt him by not doing more than screaming his name after telling him to go back to Minnesota, she wanted their relationship to work. In even more personnel news, Teddy and Owen visited Mer, during which they revealed they had been cleared to return to work. Well, Altman had. After numerous legal fees to bail Hunt out of his legal quagmire, he was only allowed to return to work. under surveillance for the next six months. (His medical license had been suspended.)

grays anatomy season 19 episode 1 recap everything changed“I WANT TO BE A TREE” | Later in the episode, Jo shared with Link that she was changing the OB department scrubs to black since “the female body has become a war zone in this country, and pink is a peacetime color.” Given the plethora of organs suddenly available for harvesting, Maggie was able to tell a patient named Howard that he was about to receive a new heart. When that proved unviable, the task of breaking the news to Howard and her husband was given to…Jules, Pierce’s superfan, who was obsessed with an article she had written and blurted out that “it was not a nice picture”. who had accompanied him. A compliment…probably? Meanwhile, Lucas won the First Big Screwup Award by telling the bad mother named Jane that her son was brain dead. This temporarily jeopardized all the organs Mer had hoped to transplant into a patient named Sara, who wanted to be planted in a whole. other way if she died. Eventually Jane learned again that her son was brain dead and inspired to donate his organs to Sara by Blue, who lied that he still thought about the people his late brother’s organs had saved. . (He didn’t even have a brother, he later admitted!) Despite Lucas’ near-catastrophic blunder, Nick invited him to participate in Sara’s operation. “End your day better than it started,” Marsh said. And that Lucas did, even quoting Uncle Derek in the OR “It’s a great day to save lives.”

So, what did you think of the new residents? Do you have a first favourite? Link and Jules – aka Prince Charming and Snow White – will they reconnect? Have your say in the comments, then rate the episode in the poll below.

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