Grey’s Anatomy: Callie’s 5 Best (& 5 Worst) Traits

Content Disclaimer: This article contains discussions about homophobia and emotional trauma

Callie Torres is one of the most beloved characters in the hit drama Shondaland Grey’s Anatomy. As one of the first LGBTQ + characters in the series, she inspired many with her journey of self-discovery and has become a powerful role model.

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However, like all the other characters in the series, Callie has flaws. Not only does she have jealous tendencies, but her impulsiveness has led her to get into a lot of trouble, especially when there are serious and higher stakes. Nonetheless, fans would agree that it helped make her even more real and accessible.

ten Worse: temperate

Callie is used to doing what she wants. She is a stubborn woman, which is sometimes admirable. But sometimes it is his temper that wins out.

For example, she threatened to hurt Meredith after believing Meredith had told George about her and Mark’s one night stand. Callie later also went too far when she yelled at Richard for not getting the promotion she expected. Despite her bubbly nature, her temper was something to be sought after.

9 Best: a reliable friend

Mark and Callie laughing

When it comes to her friends, Callie has proven to be a pretty reliable person. She was a great friend of Mark’s, and their relationship was one of the most endearing on the show.

She also proved to be a great friend to Meredith when she and Derek had marital issues, and helped Bailey when she worried about her personal life. If the characters found themselves in a difficult situation, they knew they could always count on Callie to support them.


8 Worse: whiny at times


Callie complains a little when something doesn’t really suit her. Always used to doing what she wants, she moans and complains when something happens about things over which she has control.

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For example, Callie has been seen complaining relentlessly about moving to Africa with Arizona. She wanted to be with the woman she loved, which was great, but no one had forced her to go. Yet she had tantrums at the very thought of leaving. After she and Arizona went their separate ways in Season 6, Callie was seen complaining about Arizona’s injustice to her. Sure, every individual needs some steam, but Callie’s complaints were a bit unfair.

seven Best: supportive

Arizona and Callie after the crash

Callie has proven that she can be a pillar of support for those close to her, going out of her way to do things that she believes will make those close to her happy.

For example, she shouldn’t have helped Meredith when Addison pinned her underwear to the bulletin board to humiliate her. But she spared Meredith the humiliation and claimed the underwear was hers. She was also a pillar of support for Arizona, helping her recover from her leg amputation in Arizona. Many fans would agree that Callie was someone they wished they had around.

6 Worse: not a great leader

Callie has a good heart, but she wouldn’t win any awards for her leadership. She is an excellent surgeon, no doubt, but she has proven that she is not very good at directing or supervising her loads.

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A prime example of this being when Callie was appointed Chief Resident. She had no idea how to handle the responsibilities that came with it. She also ended up asking Bailey to return to duty as she wanted to be more in the operating room. She only became a good teacher as the series progressed.

5 Best: his confidence

One of Callie’s most admirable traits was her self-confidence. Many fans will agree that Callie exuded a kind of positivity that instantly elevated her to an iconic status with viewers around the world. She was overwhelmingly positive about her appearance, dancing in her underwear whenever she got the chance and had been comfortable walking around naked too.

She was also not afraid to speak her mind, to be direct and to stand up for those she believed had been wronged. Fans absolutely loved this aspect of her personality.

4 Worse: jealous

As many fans know, Callie could be jealous when she wanted to. At first, she was jealous of George’s friendship with Izzie, and then again of Arizona when she learned of his past romances and his brief relationship with Leah Murphy.

Granted, she had every reason to be jealous of Izzie when she saw how George was cheating on her with Izzie. However, her initial jealousy was that she didn’t like George preferring his friends over her. Callie’s jealousy also got the better of her when she found out Arizona had slept with Leah, so badly in fact that the resident ended up forwarding a complaint to HR. It certainly wasn’t one of his best traits.

3 Best: his kindness

Callie Torres and Arizona Robbins in Grey's Anatomy

One of Callie Torres’ best traits is the kindness she shows to her patients. There’s a reason Callie is exceptional at her job. Not only is she an excellent surgeon, but she has also been successful in making personal connections with her patients.

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For example, while working on a case where a teenager was locked in cement, Callie brought Andrew a lot of comfort by telling him about his life and convincing his crush to visit him. Callie also helped a young teenage girl realize that it was okay to adopt her sexual orientation after learning that the teenager had almost been forced to go to a conversion therapy camp by her parents.

Time and time again, Callie has stepped up for her patients when they needed them most and made sure they always feel safe with her care.

2 Worse: doubtful decision-maker

Sara Ramirez and Samantha Sloyan as Callie Torres and Penny Blake in Grey's Anatomy

Callie’s decision-making ability is questionable at best. She makes terribly questionable decisions that she then tries to force on others. A prime example of this is her decision to move to New York City with Penny.

Not only did she give up her post as head of the Ortho department to take a lower paying post, it also meant uprooting Sofia and taking her away from everything she knew too. In the end, it turned out to be unnecessary as Penny and Callie broke up soon after. His impulsiveness could sometimes be a fault.

1 Best: A Fighting Spirit

Each character of Grey’s been through a lot and Callie Torres is no exception. She survived a car crash while pregnant and had to deal with the dire consequences of the plane crash which involved two people she loved most in the world.

Callie, however, is not the type to give up. She might have complained every now and then, but her cheerful and free-spirited character always managed to draw, making someone feel like all was not lost. Her fighting spirit has made her a source of inspiration to everyone around her.

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