Grey’s Anatomy: 9 discreet villains on the bill

Grey’s Anatomy is no stranger to devastating patient stories, love triangles, and the tragic deaths of the main characters. the Grey’s the universe does a good job of making all of the characters human, with some character flaws that sometimes make them relatable and frustrating to watch.

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There were a few characters introduced over the 17 seasons who were explicit villains. For example, Ellis Gray was an antagonist of Meredith for the first three seasons, and Gary Clark was the villain in the final episodes of season 6. Other characters have come through Seattle as more low-profile villains, with their actions. not being so blatantly bad, but still on the dark side.

9 Addison montgomery

Kate Walsh as Addison Montgomery Shepherd in the Season 1 finale

One of the most iconic moments in the series is Addison Montgomery’s introduction in the Season 1 finale. Her appearance was a total surprise, as was the revelation that she was married to Derek Shepherd the entire time he saw Meredith.

Addison was the villain of Meredith and Derek’s romance, but the whole situation was much more nuanced once viewers got more information. Addison and Derek’s marriage was far from perfect, but, for most of Season 2, Addison was the thing that kept Derek from his true love, which made her the villain.

8 Penny blake

Penny Blake works at Gray-Sloan Memorial Hospital

Penny Blake didn’t want to kill Derek Shepherd, but that didn’t change Meredith’s feelings about him. When she failed to request a scan of her head, Meredith had to make the difficult decision to remove her husband from life support.

Penny was more of a villain to Meredith than to anyone on the show, but viewers also turned on her when they lost one of their favorite characters in Derek Shepherd. Plus, Penny dated Callie and moved to New York City with her, breaking the hearts of Callie and Arizona fans everywhere.


seven Sloan riley

Sloan after giving birth to her son

No one was more surprised than Mark Sloan himself to learn of the existence of his 18-year-old pregnant daughter in Season 6. She arrived in Seattle Grace begging for help as her mother had just kicked her out. of the house, and it ended up wreaking havoc on Mark and Lexie’s relationship.

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Besides breaking up Slexie, Sloan was not respectful of his very patient and present father. Having failed his whole life, Mark wanted to run for Sloan. However, shortly after giving birth, she was seen returning to her mother’s house and was never seen again. It was definitely something fans couldn’t figure out.

6 Lauren Boswell

Hilarie Burton as Lauren Boswell in Season 9 of Grey's Anatomy

Hilarie Burton’s Lauren Boswell was a craniofacial surgeon, who worked on a pediatric case with Arizona Robbins in Season 9. However, she was known as a villain during her brief stint on the series.

She and Arizona were seen to flirt a lot, which ultimately resulted in the couple sleeping together, straining Callie and Arizona’s relationship. While Arizona wasn’t innocent either, many fans believe Lauren was the reason Callie and Arizona were never able to rebuild that confidence.

5 Nurse Rose

Nurse Rose and Derek in the hospital elevator

Nurse Rose and Derek Shepherd briefly dated in Season 4, but she was never lucky with her affair with Meredith Gray.

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After many years of an on and off relationship, fans were tired of Meredith and Derek’s charades and attempts at romance with other people. Rose was seen as another annoying obstacle for the lovebirds, and was incredibly unprofessional and careless with tools after her and Derek eventual break-up.

4 Robert stark

Robert Stark working at the hospital

Robert Stark was Arizona’s brief replacement when she went to Africa in Season 7 and was not appreciated by just about all of the residents and interns who worked under him.

He refused to respond to the pages and was rude to anyone who was not April Kepner. He was ultimately mean to her after she resisted his romantic advances, proving he was as bad as everyone thought he was. He didn’t fail at all when Arizona returned to pediatrics.

3 Tom koracick

Tom talks to Bailey about Grey's Anatomy

Amelia’s mentor, Tom Koracick, has been a polarizing doctor on Grey’s, with his deviant humor and direct way of speaking.

He hasn’t always been the doctor of choice for other surgeons due to his rigid personality and left fans divided when it was announced that he was leaving the show. Additionally, he had an affair with Teddy while she was pregnant with Owen’s baby, further complicating a decades-long romance between Teddy and Owen.

2 Eliza minnick

Eliza giving a speech at the Gray-Sloan Memorial Hospital

Eliza Minnick appeared in season 13 of Grey’s, and the only perk of her appearance on the show was her brief relationship with Arizona Robbins, which made her a bit more sympathetic.

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Eliza was all about work and no play, a follower of the tough rules, which almost claimed the life of Stephanie Edwards. When an explosion occurred at the hospital, she failed to let anyone know that Stephanie was missing. She was later fired for her negligence and bolstered her status as a villain when she left Arizona without even a goodbye.

1 Thatch Gray

Meredith's father, Thatcher Gray

While Meredith’s mother Ellis was an obvious villain, her father Thatcher was much more low-key.

Thatcher didn’t do anything explicitly questionable at first until the death of his wife Susan, when he was seen lashing out at Meredith. His demeanor towards Meredith was still harsh and cold, and he barely stayed in touch with her after Lexie’s death. Thatcher wasn’t the sole cause of Meredith’s family troubles, but he definitely contributed and made things worse in her life when she only needed a good dad.

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