Grey’s Anatomy: 10 of the most beautiful things Alex has done

Alex Karev on hit medical drama Grey’s Anatomy started out as a polarizing character, but has grown into one of the most beloved characters in the show’s long history. Alex was cheeky and arrogant when he was first introduced as a sort of foil to the kind George O’Malley, but over time he grew softer and gentler, and of course, the friend and lieutenant most reliable of Meredith.

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Alex had a gruff exterior, but underneath was a caring friend, lover, and healthcare professional. From doing everything possible to comfort and save her patients, to helping save Meredith’s career, and looking after Jo in her own way, Alex has had some extremely sweet, heartwarming, and iconic moments on the show. .

ten When he came back from his boards to save a patient

Alex did a rather wonderful thing during his oral counseling in Los Angeles. He flew back to Seattle when he realized they could still try other ways to save little Tommy, who was on life support at the NICU.

He was well aware of the importance of this day for him, and he would have had to wait a whole year if he had not been to the place of the exam at least for the second session. However, he still took the risk and turned back the clock, prioritizing his patient’s life over his own selfish interests.

9 When he interpreted the taking of the kangaroo for a “little human”

Alex does a baby kangaroo hold at NICU Grays

Alex had one of his most iconic moments on the episode “Invest In Love”, when he performed the kangaroo grip for a prematurely born baby, or what Arizona Robbins would call “a little human.” In the kangaroo wedge, a baby is placed in direct skin-to-skin contact with the parent to help stabilize it.

Alex did this for a baby whose mother Laura had had an accident and was too sick to care for her child. He started talking to the child in a very calming manner which improved his vital signs a bit. Bailey then asked him to take off his shirt and hold the kangaroo, and after several hours of holding the baby, his vital signs did improve by leaps and bounds. This incident also proved that Alex had a real fondness for pediatrics.


8 When he took care of his family

Alex receives his mother with Jo

As a young boy, Alex took care of his mother who suffers from schizophrenia. He had even trained in the struggle to save his mother from his abusive father, which was really kind of him.

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He also stole food once to feed his younger brother and sister, which shows that under his gruff Alex is very caring, even when he is young. Even later, it was revealed that he regularly sent money to his mother as an adult to make sure she was living comfortably.

seven When he took care of Ava

Alex was ready to take care of Ava for as long as she needed, although when he found out she was married he did the right thing and took a step back. Then Ava came back thinking she was pregnant. Although it was revealed that she was suffering from stress and that she had not been pregnant after all, Alex was more gentle and affectionate with her than he had ever been shown until then. .

He took her to Meredith’s to look after her, feed her and clean up after her. He told her about his own family and was ready to make a commitment to her when he thought she was carrying his child. The whole affair with Ava showed Alex in a decent and mature light.

6 When he gave up on his Johns Hopkins offer

Alex was offered a pediatric surgery scholarship to the prestigious Johns Hopkins, but it was around this time that the helicopter carrying a group of medics from Seattle Grace to Boise fell in the middle of nowhere in the shocking finale of season 8.

Alex continued to postpone leaving for Johns Hopkins as he felt it his duty to take the reins of the pediatric department as Arizona was still recovering from the trauma and eventually had to have his leg amputated. . Alex ultimately dropped the offer to stay at Seattle Grace.

5 When he was there for Meredith

Alex, Meredith, Grey's Anatomy

Alex Karev was one of the only original interns besides Meredith who stayed the longest. Fans know he became Meredith’s “person” after Cristina Yang left.

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Alex’s bond with Meredith grew even stronger after Derek’s untimely death. The two shared an easy camaraderie, their friendship stretching back years. Alex’s true love for Meredith was especially well captured after she was attacked by the patient in “Sound Of Silence.”

4 When he surrendered to the police

Alex tells Meredith that he beat DeLuca

After Alex beat DeLuca without even waiting to find out what he was doing with Jo in his room, he knew he had to do the decent thing and went to the police.

The Alex Karev of previous seasons may have thought twice before surrendering, but the Season 13 Karev did not back down or attempt to escape the law. Rather, he was ready to make a plea deal, also protecting Jo in the process, as she could have been drawn into trouble if the status of her marriage to the deplorable Paul was revealed.

3 When he comforted Izzie after Denny’s death

Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) comforting a sobbing Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl) after the death of Denny (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) in

Alex was shown comforting Izzie when she collapsed after the tragic death of Denny Duquette. As Izzie cried and held Denny’s body, unable to believe what had happened, it was Alex who came over and carried her out of the room in his arms.

Alex’s relationship with Izzie was a fan favorite arc, despite the tension. Still, there were times he was both gentle and supportive of Izzie Stevens, and though jealous of Denny during his lifetime, he tried to come to terms with his grief after he passed away.

2 When he was a good friend of Little Lily

Lily breathes in a tube in Grays

Alex had a natural bond with children, so despite his abrupt departure, it makes sense that he left with his own children. With patient Lily he was gentle, gentle and caring to the point that Lily became a huge fan of Dr. Karev.

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Alex would practically be living in the hospital, focusing all of his energies on caring for Lily and tending to the new windpipe that he and Arizona were naturally growing for her from her own cells. Alex even sang for Lily, very badly but adorably nonetheless, to ease her nerves while she was inside the MRI machine since she couldn’t take her iPod with her inside the machine. It was another time patients knew Alex Karev was made for pediatrics, despite his self-proclaimed lack of interest in children.

1 When he gathered Meredith’s patients

Alex in the Grays Anatomy courtroom

Meredith Gray almost lost her medical license when she was arrested for insurance fraud, which she had pledged to help a patient and her father. His colleagues stood firmly by his side at the time, but it was his “person”, Alex, whose efforts ultimately paid off.

Alex had gathered as many of Meredith’s patients as he could, whose lives Meredith had saved over the years and who were deeply indebted to him. It was also Alex who had contacted former colleagues of his and Meredith’s, such as Cristina Yang, Izzie Stevens, Callie Torres, April Kepner, and Arizona Robbins, who had all sent eloquent testimonies about Meredith as a doctor. It was her stunt that ultimately got Meredith off the hook – a gentle gesture if ever there was one.

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