Furever Home Animal Rescue builds reputation for rescuing pets in North Brevard

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What started as a small operation at Jenelle Scurlock’s home in Mims has grown over the years. over the past four years at a thriving independent animal shelter in Titusville, moving into a building the county government planned to lose.

Furever Home Animal Rescue is now one of the only fully independent animal shelters in central Florida, funded entirely by donations and funded entirely by volunteer work. They are based at what was once the county-run North Brevard Animal Care Center on Flake Road in Titusville had been empty for years.

Scurlock – needing a place to house the animals before finding homes – worked with the County Commission to secure a lease on the building, with some major contingencies. Under the deal they made, Scurlock would be forced to pay tens of thousands of dollars in necessary repairs to the building as part of the lease. structure in order to operate and maintain the building.

Since obtaining the lease in August, she and her husband have redone the roof and renewed the building to make it safe for the 26 dogs and 27 cats who currently reside there, as well as about fifteen constant volunteers among the staff.

“We also had two flat bellied pigs, guinea pigs, lizards, birds, you name it, we made it,” Scurlock said.

Scurlock grew up in a family that valued animals, with his mother always having life-saving creatures living in the home as a child. She brought this spirit of care and love for animals to Furever Home, something that has inspired people like Heather Abercrombie.

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Heather Abercrombie stopped by the shelter last year with the intention of taking Emory, a beagle-German Shepherd mix, for a day walk. She ended up making Emory a permanent member of her family and since then Abercrombie has volunteered, taking care of social media and coordinating the adoption.

“We don’t just take in highly adoptable animals that we know we can find homes for right away,” Abercrombie said.

Earlier this year, several dogs were found on the side of the road with serious health issues found full 180-degree turns and found loving families to adopt them. via Furever Homes.

Thanks to the donation of money and time from the vets, these puppies were able to make a full recovery. Not only for these dogs, but for dogs like. Pomeranian named Buddy who had gut bacteria and was able to make a full recovery through the efforts of Furever Home.

Since the start of this year, more than 250 pets have found their permanent home thanks to the shelter, Abercrombie said. Only about ten animals are considered long-term stays and have more difficulty finding families.

“We are doing our best to take care of those pets that otherwise would not have the chance to find a home,” she said. “Find the right home and the right companion for them.”

“It’s very hard work. We see horrible and disheartening things with people who abandon their animals. Seeing these adoptions happen anyway is why we do what we do,” Abercrombie said.

This week was a reminder of why Scurlock started the shelter when two abandoned dogs were left in a neglected state outside of the rescue. Both dogs were covered in fleas, had matted and matted hair, and had no idea who their owners were.

Donations poured in and Furever Home was able to secure the couple were cleaned up and cleaned up by a vet and within a week Sirius and Teddy were up for adoption.

Anyone interested in making a donation can visit facebook.com/fureverhomeanimial rescue or fureverhomeanimalrescue.com. Scurlock said volunteers are also essential and anyone willing to volunteer their time should call 386-402-2724 or fill out a contact form on the website.

Tyler Vazquez is the North Brevard Watchdog reporter at FLORIDA TODAY. Contact Vazquez at 321-917-7491 or [email protected]. Twitter: @tyler_vazquez

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