Fried reptile? Tamil Nadu man finds lizard in Pakora package

When you eat a fried snack, be it crisps or whatever, it’s always a pleasant surprise to put your hand in the bag and find one or more extra crisps, especially when you thought you had it. already finished. It’s a pleasant surprise. A nasty surprise is to find a reptile in your snack bag instead. This is exactly what a man from Tamil Nadu faced when he opened a bag of pakoras. According to an article in Indian Express, the nasty surprise came from a candy and snack store in the town of Palayamkottai, Tirunelveli district, when a man from Tamil Nadu found the dead reptile in a packet of fried pakodas. Maharaja Nagar’s man had bought a package of pakora from a store on October 23, and when he arrived at his home and opened the package, he found the dead lizard inside.

The man then filed a complaint via WhatsApp with the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) which directed Tirunelveli officials for the package, News18 Karnataka reports. A team of FSSAI officials then visited the store and found numerous infringements, including sweets and savory foods not being properly stored and destroying all of them. However, the same range of pakodas the man had found the lizard in was not present at the moment, Indian Express reported. The officials also took samples of other snacks and sent them to the lab for analysis.

Sasi Deepa, the designated food safety department officer, visited the store and found numerous violations, told Indian Express that if the “complaint had produced the package before opening it, they would have taken a legal route as it would have all the details of the date of purchase, store name and other details clearly. ”She added that,“ Once a package is cut, we will take whatever we want. will find upon inspection. The complaint did not produce the product. We found violations at the store and took action accordingly. “

Earlier this year, a puffed up chip in a packet of Doritos nachos brought a $ 20,000 reward to a teenager in Australia. A 13-year-old girl named Rylee Stuart had posted a TikTok video featuring this rare flea that was puffed up on all three of her spikes. She had discovered it while eating the package of nachos.

In March, a man found a shrimp tail and dental floss in his packet of “Cinnamon Toast Crunch”. The company said it is investigating the case and has also asked all of its customers to call a number if their cereal box is tampered with. The company also mentioned that the contamination did not occur at its facility.

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