Fortnite is rumored to be adding a new type of animal in Season 3

For most of its four years of existence, Fortnite has continued to evolve. With plenty of meta-changes, feature additions and removals, along with a rotating roster of weapons and items, the Battle Royale title manages to maintain its relevance by making near-constant adjustments to its formula. This seems to be the case for the next Fortnite season, which will see a new type of animal arrive on the island.

The ever-popular battle royale title is in the final weeks of not only its Season 8, but its second chapter as well. With FortniteThe season’s “Cubed” literally comes to a climax in the form of Convergence, Chapter 2 is about to come out with a bang. The Chapter 2 finale, “The End,” recently revealed its start time and end date, which is said to shut down all life forms. Whether or not this happens, at least one animal will be found eventually.


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Honorable Fortnite HYPEX Leaker and Dataminer reveals the latest animal to be added to Epic Games’ free title. Posted on its official Twitter account, HYPEX details the information disclosed. Seagulls will be the next animal to come, according to the leaker Fortnite. They reveal that seabirds are featured in a Chapter 3 concept art piece set in a tropical or beach environment, which may indicate a new region found on the map in the next chapter. HYPEX says that while they don’t know when the seagulls will actually arrive, the race theory is for Season 1.

The addition of seagulls continues to expand Fortnitelist of animals, scoring the 11th animal in the game in total. First introduced in Chapter 2, Season 3, FortniteAnimals can be interacted with a variety of abilities. Supply Lamas and Loot Shark are the oldest wildlife on the map, with a slew of tame animals added in Season 6. The most recent addition is the current Season 8 Crows, which have the potential to drop valuable loot when eliminated. It’s not clear how seagulls work, so players will need to keep an eye out for the future.

Adding seagulls to Fortnite It certainly sounds interesting, but it pales in comparison to another rumor in Chapter 3. According to another leak, which also comes from HYPEX, a new disposable ax weapon is coming to Chapter 3. The leak has no information regarding the new weapon, except screenshots of the rendered model. The ax features blue accents and is adorned with Meowscles stickers, which might indicate some kind of connection. Based on the word “disposable”, some fans believe it could be God of the war‘s Leviathan Ax, although nothing is confirmed.

The pair of leaked content seems to be a strong indicator that Fortnite will change its formula again for the next Chapter 3. This will possibly be the biggest meta change the game has seen in years, if the supposed sliding mechanic is implemented.

Fortnite is free on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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