Fatal animal attacks are more likely in WV

CLARKSBURG, W.Va. — As summer begins to warm up, many Americans are heading outdoors for fun in the sun. But outdoor activities come with risks, including dangerous wildlife. Eight people die each year from animal attacks in the United States, and thousands of people seek medical attention after a bite each year.

A BetOhio.com report analyzed CDC underlying cause of death statistics since 2000 and extracted recorded human wildlife deaths for each state to determine where residents are most likely to encounter a dangerous animal. The report found that while Texas had the most fatal attacks reported, West Virginia had the highest rate relative to population.

Rank State Deadliest attacks
1 Texas 559
2 California 312
3 Florida 257
4 North Carolina 180
5 Tennessee 165
6 Georgia 156
seven Ohio 152
8 Pennsylvania 137
9 Michigan 130
ten Illinois 116
11 New York 113
12 Missouri 109
13 Wisconsin 107
14 Oklahoma 96
15 Arizona 95
Data compiled by BetOhio.com

The total number of fatal attacks in Texas far exceeds the second-place state of California, with more than 200 additional fatal attacks. According to BetOhio.com, most of these attacks were from dogs (79) and other mammals (207), but the state also ranked first among animal categories, including hornets, snakes and lizards.

Despite a high number of fatal animal attacks, Texas has only a 1-in-53,842 chance of being involved in a dangerous animal encounter, compared to a 1-in-30,271 chance in West Virginia.

Residents of West Virginia and much of the eastern part of the United States should watch out for deadly insects. Click here for information on bites and stings from the West Virginia Poison Center.

Rank State One out (luck)
1 West Virginia 30,271
2 Montana 31,232
3 Alaska 36,038
4 Mississippi 40,569
5 South Dakota 41,025
6 Arkansas 41,671
seven Oklahoma 41,741
8 Idaho 42,148
9 Tennessee 42,435
ten Wyoming 44,787

Vermont, North Dakota and New Hampshire have not reported any fatal animal attacks since 2000, making them the safest states, according to BetOhio.com. Rhode Island (1) and Delaware (2) round out the top five list.

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