Ellen Pompeo Says She’s ‘Trying to Focus on Believing Everyone’ The Show Should End

With 18 seasons under their lab coats, Ellen Pompeo is thinking about the end of “Grey’s Anatomy”.

Speaking to Insider, the actress and podcast host said she’s been thinking about ending the show.

“I tried to focus on convincing everyone that this should end,” she told the outlet.

Wrapping up the long – and financially rewarding – show doesn’t seem like a popular idea, however.

“I feel like the super naive who keeps saying, ‘What’s the story going to be? What’s the story are we going to tell?'” Pompeo told the site. said, ‘Who cares, Ellen? It’s worth a billion dollars.'”

During a 2020 interview with Dax Shephard for his Armchair Expert podcast, Pompeo opened up about a day after the show ended.

“But I certainly think diving as soon as possible, at this point, after we’ve done what we’ve done, leaving when the streak is still on top, is definitely a goal,” she said at the time. . “I’m not trying to stay on the show forever. Not at all. The truth is, if I get too upset and not grateful there anymore, I shouldn’t be there.

Ellen Pompeo says Denzel Washington is part of the reason she didn't quit

However, at the time, she said she was still “committed” to her work.

“Being engaged in the story and having some control over my script and talking about things that I think are interesting is kind of what helps,” she said.

“Grey’s Anatomy” airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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