Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Feed All Creatures | Animal Taming Guide


Disney Valley of Dreams is not only a place to make friends and plant crops – you can also interact with the little animals that roam around. There are plenty of animals to find, and you can “catch” them all by making them your companions. To do this, you need to feed them. Each type of animal will only eat a specific food. For example, rabbits only nibble salad. In addition to their specific dietary needs, animals are also quite nervous around strangers. To properly greet a creature, you will need to approach it in the right way.

Animals will run away if you don’t approach from the wrong side. And some of them are quite tricky. Crocodiles and raccoons are particularly tough – they’ll prepare to flee if you get too close too fast. Below we have a comprehensive list of all the different methods to tame your favorite creatures. Birds and squirrels will gladly take your food. Everything else is much trickier.

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How To Tame All Animals | Feeding methods

Critters are small animals that you can feed and catch. You can feed creatures once per day – each time you feed a creature; you will increase your chances of finding companionship. Critters will only accept one type of food. To catch a creature, you have to approach it in a very specific way. Below we’ll explain what food to give each type of creature and how best to approach that creature.

  • Bird: Eat Houseleek orange.
    • No trick. Approach them and they will take your food.
  • Crocodile: Eat Lobster.
    • Walk towards the crocodile until it crouches – taking one more step will cause it to tense up. Wait for him to calm down, then take another step forward. It will stretch again. Repeat, pausing each step, until you are close enough to feed.
  • Fox: Eat white sturgeon.
    • Walk towards a fox and it will run away. Scare away the fox thrice and it will stop, allowing you to approach.
  • Rabbit: Eat Salad.
    • To feed a rabbit, approach so that it runs away. Approach them thrice to tire them out and you can feed them.
  • Raccoon: Eat Blueberries.
    • Walk towards the raccoon until it crouches. Get close once for them to stand up. When he gets up, stand completely still until he crouches down again. Come closer again. Repeat, moving one step closer each time the raccoon crouches until you are close enough to feed it.
  • Squirrel: Eat Apples.
    • Squirrels won’t run away! Come closer and they’ll take your apple.
  • Tortoise: Eat seaweed.
    • As you approach, the turtle hides inside its shell. Stand still and wait for the turtle to come out. Then you can feed yourself.

What to feed Sunbirds

You don’t need to approach sunbirds in any particular way. Like ordinary birds, you can just approach them. Sunbirds need very specific food.

  • Emerald Sunbird: Green passion lily
  • golden sunbird: Houseleek Orange
  • red sunbird: Red bromeliad

These are all the different types of animals – and how to tame them. We’ll update this guide with new creature information as it becomes available!

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