Discover the fascinating animal life near Woodland Hills

For Angelinos, it’s easy to think of “nature” as something we visit – whether its poppies blooming in Walker Canyon, the ponds along the coast or the Joshua trees in the mojave desert – while neglecting what really surrounds us, like the lizard crawling out of a San Fernando Valley garage, the weird bug on a downtown sidewalk or the coyotes that roam so many parts of LA.

But it is also quite natural.

Because we are all part of nature, we need to appreciate what surrounds us, as this is essential for our own health and that of our community. To that end, the following sites represent our picks of places where you can experience fascinating animal life near Woodland Hills because, after all, we see nature when we choose to observe it.

Wildlife Learning Center, located at 16027 Yarnell Street in Sylmar, is a zoological park nestled in an old olive grove in the San Fernando Valley where visitors can enjoy and learn about animals from around the world. The center was founded to provide public education in the life sciences, conservation and our environment. He has dedicated himself to providing lifelong care to more than 100 wild animals displaced, rescued and born in zoos that have made their home in this natural environment. Tours, virtual school programs and picnic safaris are also available at WLC, with prior reservation required.

Los Angeles Zoo, located at 5333 Zoo Drive in Los Angeles, feeds wildlife while enriching the human experience. The facility itself creates an environment of leisure and discovery, inspiring and appreciating nature through exhibitions and education, ensuring the highest level of animal welfare and supporting programs that preserve biodiversity and the natural habitat. Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens opened on November 28, 1966, and quickly became home to more than 2,200 mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles representing more than 270 different species, of which more than 58 are endangered. In addition, the zooS botanical collection includes several plant gardens and over 800 plant species with around 7,000 individual plants. Los Angeles Zoo Live in Griffith Park to Golden state and Venturathe highway intersection.

Montebello farmyard zoo, located at 600 Rea Drive in Montebello, offers pony rides, train rides, petting zoo, picnic area, playground, kids birthday party areas and traveling zoo, which makes it an ideal location for the next school trip. With hands-on learning experiences to discover the many types of animals here, each school trip entitles you to a pony ride, train ride, merry-go-round, and entry to the petting zoo. The zoo is closed Monday and Tuesday but is open Wednesday to Friday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Saturday / Sunday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (check with the property to confirm if these are spring hours / summer or fall).

Cabrillo marine aquarium, located at 3720 Stephen M. White Drive in San Pedro, invites you to experience the underwater world of Southern California through exhibits, education, research, conservation efforts, and more. With its spectacular natural setting adjacent to Cabrillo Beach Coastal Park and the Port of Los Angeles, Cabrillo Marine Aquarium is particularly well suited to its leadership role in marine science education, aquaculture research and community recreation. The historic aquarium designed by Frank Gehry features the largest collection of SoCal marine life in the world and, since 1935, has offered visitors a both natural and interactive approach to learning about the marine environment of South Cali. The opening hours of the aquarium are Wednesday to Sunday from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.

A “Biodiversity Hotspot” is a headline with an important caveat: we can all do our part to make LA a more wildlife-friendly place. Take the time to experience the fascinating animal life near Woodland Hills, these aforementioned places around town continue to help make LA a better place.

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