Dangerous reptile: Police warn of 4.5ft monitor lizard on the loose in Attica village | Public Service News

ATTICA – Police are asking the public to beware of a 4.5ft monitor lizard which is on the loose in the village.

A resident was leaving his apartment on July 29, said Attica Police Chief Dean Hendershott. In doing so, her 4.5ft Nile monitor escaped from her cage.

As the owner attempted to retrieve the lizard, it climbed over 100 feet into a tree near the apartment building. Several attempts were made to recapture the lizard without success.

The owner and animal control set several live traps to recapture the animal without success.

The police department received unconfirmed reports over the next few days that the lizard had entered Tonawanda Creek, Hendershott said.

Tonawanda Creek is located in front of the building.

Around 1 p.m. Monday, the police department was notified by a frantic resident that the lizard had been found in her yard in the 200 block of Exchange Street. The resident reported that the lizard had entered her garden through a fence.

The rear of the residence is located along Tonawanda Creek.

Upon arrival and after an extensive search, the reptile could not be located. The owner was able to take a photo of the reptile.

The police department is in contact with the New York State DEC and is working to resolve the issue.

“In the meantime, if you see the animal, contact the police department immediately,” police said in a statement. “Don’t go near it. The lizard bites, it secretes venom but it is not fatal for humans. The main cause for concern would be a bacterial infection due to the bite.

The Nile monitor requires temperatures between 82 and 90 degrees and will heat up in sunny areas. Its main food source is small rodents and occasionally large mice and rats.

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